3.7.14 public announcement

Actually, my fear is that e2x will not be able to deliver what can be done on e16 if we really put our minds to it.
E16 is stable, you have experience with it, it's godawfully badly documented so no-one will dare venture into that territory aka "no competition" and it is extremely resource light.

It could be the "winning horse", especially if Elive is envisaging older equipment as a market niche.

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I find what @triantares very interesting... Why not stick to e16 ?

No, not "stick" but make it goooooooode, very good.
Show what can be done with a little love and determination.

A good artist can make beauty out of dog-shit if need be ........ but it will smell funny. :rofl2:


So how it is meant this project to be kept alive and remove donations at the same time?

these things can be argued (configured, bla bla), but that's not important, the point is that e16 is a temporary desktop, it is not the best desktop for elive, and all those bad sides cannot be made better

4x less downloads

ok let's think about this idea (which is not bad):

  • is there enough users that could be interested on this?
  • how to fund all the development required for it?

Meaning that with the current donations unchanged ...... the project will stay alive?

With a big user base it will be easier to acquire (more) donations and @Rebel450 also has some ideas to generate funds.
If you are happy in keeping the current situation as it is, just say so and we will stop offering solutions to a problem that apparently isn't there.

It might be the best thing to save Elive from oblivion, in the long run.

Raspberry Pi:

  1. probably but again maybe not. That's a matter of trying.
  2. That's a circular argument .... see the previous comments.
  3. The RPi generates a lot of interest on printed media, mainly because it is easy to write about due to it's smaller ecosphere. It might be a good way to prepare for future Arm releases.

There is a major problem there that almost all Linux distros are free (as in beer) to download, thus creating an expectancy/habit.
Asking for an extra effort or donation means that the download has to offer serious benefits to get people to do so. For now there are too many other distros with similar specs that can be downloaded for free.

So main goal for now: Make sure there is an offer no-one else has.
Modding a good e16 is a certain way of distinguishing Elive from the rest of the pack ........ and then a future e2x that's even better, a nice way to entice paying users to help generate that desktop.

without it, definitively not

so the website needs to be improved to show what's already inside

Just that is not enough ..... there has to be more.
Elive has to get out from the pack ... either by what it is or by what it aims to be.

So let's go on a step by step basis:

What is the overall aim of Elive (beside allowing Thana a nice reward for effort) in this Linux ecosphere?

  • Creating a super smart desktop?
  • Allowing older hardware a new slice of life?
  • Getting 2nd and 3rd world citizens a possibility to have PCs/laptops that can compete (or be better) whith current 1st world offers?
  • Showing the world how cool Linux can be?
  • Get rich quick? :rofl:
  • kill other distros?
  • etc, etc.

A video review (hey @Rebel450, we should have a specific thread for "reviews" where all us can share the articles found and / or share them, what you think?) :slight_smile:


Cool -

and it also helps to find more easy inside the many meanwhile mixed up threads at a glance :nod:


Sorry if I'm reviving (or perhaps "kicking") a dead horse. I just downloaded the 3.17.16 iso and donated $10. to do so.
In the US a first run movie costs $14!!

Now to install it over my old Elive and see how it runs ... and then to put in a review on Distrowatch ... running 30 distros, I'm well acquainted with Ladislav.


Ummm, by "old Elive" would you be referring to 3.0.0 stable or a previous 3.7.x install?

Personally I'd advise to keep a Stable up and running next to a 3.7.x as the latter doesn't have E17 ...... that way there's stuff to compare. :innocent:

I should have said my earlier 3.7.x beta .

I am up and running in Beta/Alpha? 3.7.16 64 bits and I have to say it's a fantastic experience. On the install all went well except for music not playing to the Bee Gees "Staying Elive..." For the first time I wasn't stuck with an MBR grub2 install to one of my hard drives. I just follwed the instructions, hit Cancel and let Debian take care of it in its ponderous way to the root parttion. It nicely chainloads out of my main old grub legacy "menu.lst" as one of the 30 distros I'm running on this i5.

Everything has been flawless. I love the way I can tack on my favorite addons during the install (keepassxc, stterm vfu, dillo, claws-mail). Even the conky as is is useful ... only missing the kernel thatś running.
This old nvidia GT218 got its nvidia 340-107 installed fine.
What is so notable is that the "apt upgrade"that I ran after the hard disk install, actually got the nvidia driver going again on the kernel upgrade to 5.2.0-0.bpo.3.

For my simple needs, enlightement 16 seems fine. I did install Bodhi 5.0 to see what 17 was after I read Jesse Smithś bomb review of Elive 3.0. But then Bodhi runs Moshka ... it's funny that an elightenment popup keeps saying that they don't have the latest version and might want to install it.

Setting up a key binding for Alt-F2 to run "grun" was easy ... kupfer only runs .desktop files.

Doing my Duolingo French classes called for a microphone ... I just plugged in a USB headset and it ran right away with no further configuration!

I even got my Brother MFC-J775DW priner hooked easing. Admittedly it wouldn connect neither through "Print Settings" nor cups' localhost:631. I ended up going to the Brother website and downloading their "linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.1-1.gz". I ran it as su - and all was well ... though I haven't checked it, it supposedly installed the scan driver as well.

To me the MOST important thing is to be running buster, no more antique Debian.

Congratuations to Samuel and all the rest of you who worked on it.


Nice review & comments @LarryDC, thank you :slight_smile:

hum, a replacement of kupfer (to support all needed things) can be made, but i don't know a beter one

I just tried grun but is not so visually-friendly and doesn't seems to run .desktop files, or at least not in an easy way

Should be pretty easy to write an application like kupfer btw, but that's time consuming and is probably that there's a nice existing one around (not only from repository packages i mean, maybe from github projects or sourceforge, etc)

there's a feature that installs the scanner drivers for brother scanners :slight_smile: for now is required to "wait a few minutes after booted the computer with the scanner connected" (autodetection and installing of extra needed packages)

yeah, this is something we all wanted and needed :happy: (just like 64bit too!)

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So Witch one should i download

this elive_3.0.6_stable_usb

or this one we are talking about ?

thank u

witch one is the latest ?

Did you guys know you were featured on the Linux unplugged podcast a few weeks ago? They gave an outstanding review.

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Currently it's 3.8.12 Beta.


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