64 bit version of Elive


There’s a gigantic amount of work for a single person to make Elive

64 versions has been in the TODO list for longtime, the good news is that I have worked for months in making the internal building tools and every related thing to the multi-arch topic to work and being compatible, so the hardest part for make Elive in 64 bit is already done!

I tried then to start porting all the 2500+ Elive packages to 64 bit, but soon I found that this step required a ton of new work and also to upgrade the full system to newer debian base, which leaded to the decision to just release 3.0 and move fast to the next development stage

More details about this in Why Elive 3.0 has old software & drivers

In the meantime, if you need to run 64bit software in Elive 3.0, you can try to use this


Would be possible to release a 64 bit version of elive tagged as “early Alfa” which ships an updated 64 bit Debian version but packaged with just basic features of elive? Like just elive’s wonderful gui (with ecomorph) and zsh?
It’d be far away from elive 3.0, and it’d probably miss features like persistence (maybe even the live session) and all the personalized packages, but at least it’d be an alternative for these who need an updated Debian without moving from elive (even if it’s not the real features-full one)! Or isnt it that easy?
For example i hope I won’t need to update Debian for my next University class, but if it were the case I’m going to switch back to q4os on my laptop (Debian stretch/buster 64 bit based) :confused:


Yes that’s the idea, as you can read in the stable / beta download pages

the idea is to re-integrate all the features, but of course that’s also a lot of work (betatest everything and make it working back with fixes and modifications

I don’t want to make Elive “less featured”, otherwise it will lose all the good that has


more support here and patreon needed
too much work for 1 person


Please don’t have yet expectations about this topic and specially don’t expect results soon! but…
check my recent comment here

^ yes you are reading correctly @stoppy98, “buster” and “amd64” words in the same line :roll_eyes:


I like it. Really really really like it have been waiting for it for such a long time!
I will download it as soon as lectures end today!
Reading the URL, seems like it’s under enlightenment 16… Or am I mistaken? I’m not really caring about how old or new the GUI could be as long as it is well made I’m just curious


To clarify e16, yes I’m using e16 in my tests since is much faster for me to test things, e16 is pretty different as e17 specially in the userfriend/end-users side, but when is correctly configured is an extremely nice and fast desktop, I’m thinking since so much time to make a future version of Elive based in e16 instead of e17, but that will be a very different result, so maybe it should have a different “brand” name (and website, so, like a different project in fact)