Am I about to Ditch Linux?

4 days of frustrations.

I have a 2in1 notepad with detachable keyboard. Its a Bush AC101 which is a chinese 10.1" machine.. Quad core Atom, 1GB ram etc 64Bit cpu but 32bit uefi

After trawling the web for a distro that could be used out of the box, I came across Elive.

Along that path were countless downloads of various flavours, but that either would not boot because of the 32bit uefi or the touchscreen would not work or something.

According to what I read the 64bit Elive would work. I paid my money over and received a link to the installer. It was the latest Beta version.

I used Rufus.

It would not boot, but the 386 version would. When I approached the Planet Elive direct contact option and asked some questions, all I got was a cut and paste script telling me I must use their recommended installer.

When asked if Rufus was not suitable then, I just got the same reply.

So much for the help. So I went back to i386 and gave up with 64 bit, which is a shame.

Now I am back to an installed system and very pleased with the tiny amount of ram it uses.

But, Bluetooth does not work, even though the icom appears on the screen, it says that adaptor is missing. Does it mean the adaptor is missing or the driver?

There is no pop up keyboard option in accessories that I can see.

The tiny X on the top corner to close down an open window is virtually impossible to use with any touch pen I have. Thus the only way to close the open window is to use the keyboard and windows+X

This means I have to have a keyboard connected which I didnt want.

So I try to correct all these problems by connecting via a remote desktop from windows.

Xrdp doesn't work. It appears within the system, but is missing fonts.

Downloaded from synaptic package manger. Now it runs but whilst I have a window of the Linux machine now available on my windows PC, the only thing displayed is the various new window tiles from the bottom left of the 10" display with just 2 screen colours.. There is no desktop background image at all.

when I look in settings and see rp0 desktop screen, it all appears to be normal.

I have done an RD into this machine before and had a replica screen on the windows PC.

I suspected something wrong with xrdp, so downloaded vinagre, but still the same.

I am not a seasoned Linux user and can only cut and paste example commands into the terminal window.

Battery monitor does not work either.

Any suggestions please. Thanks

Try Debian. they have ARM repo. Installing Debian via the Internet

check out that link

I am a bit pressed for time today and suspect you will have 32/64 bit issues on the machine.
Maybe I'll have some time this weekend to help out.
When you say 386 version, do you mean 32Bit Beta or the Stable version?
Especially the latter will have outdated drivers.