Another reason to use/test Enlightenment (E23) over E16

While testing on my laptops I find that Enlightenment (for now still E23) actually consumes less memory than E16.

Starting up with no apps running yet RAM usage is:

  • E23 = 293Mb
  • E16 = 353Mb

I suspect the difference lies mainly in the extra memory footprint of "cairo-dock". :happy:


When i read the first sentence i was thinking the same too. A good trial would be disabling it and see what happens

It's not a matter of reinventing the wheel. Elive has always used Enlightenment as it's DE.
Exton like AltLinux offers fully configured DEs slapped on to their base system to give people an idea on how they function.
AltLinux does a better job of the 2 IMO. It's based on RosaLinux which in turn is a Mandriva fork.
They've multiple versions on offer with many different DEs which gives anice comparison as to what could be possible and how they differ in RAM and CPU usage.

The big diff with Elive is that it will be totally built, including the base system to accommodate Enlightenment.
Another big diff is that Elive uses the latest Enlightenment builds, i.e E23 at the moment, opposed to E20 on the others.

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I may sound dumb... but how do i use e23? the only de i have available is e16, should i just install e23? wouldn't it be the boring base version?

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Well, installing E23 is as easy as:
"api enlightenment" on a terminal. It'll bring in the needed dependencies.

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Thank you a lot!

Nice, glad I pulled you over. :wink:

Persistent will start working a 3rd time round, in that:

  • a first time is a first time. The moment to enable persistence.
  • a second time to gather info for persistence
  • and on the 3rd time it should work. :smiley14:

Yes, I suppose you could but as it is very Gnome specific it'll pull in a lot of Gnome dependencies too. No big deal just saying. :smile_cat:

  • As to sync problems with Thunderbird and gmail ...... I don't think I've ever noticed that. What are your symptoms there?

BTW Sylpheed/claws is a nice, fast email client too.

I recently moved from thunderbird to Sylpheed and i'm really satisfied. I use email just for emails, so i don't care about syncing anything, so it's perfect. Moreover i love the get all button reminds me of hotmail when i was a child.

I didn't ask, but what Elive version are you using?
Stable 32 or Beta (32 or 64) ?

I did the "api enlightenment", and yes I see the process successfully conclude. I restart the computer but I'm still on e16, I don't know what else I need to do in order to load e23.

You need to login through the login screen and opt for "enlightenment". After that it will autologin to enlightenment (i.e the previous choice) by default.

To get there simply logout from e16 and opt for enlightenment in the top right of the window and log in again.

Going back to e16 can be done by doing the same procedure and opting for e16. :smile_cat:

Do read what issues you can expect when starting E23 here:

Some items may be resolved but especially the "fading" is something to do.

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exactly, cairo-dock takes between 45 and 100 MB of ram, depending of your settings

this is a bit sad, so its a not-small number, but cairo-dock improves greatly the desktop experience on e16, so its pretty needed...

the good thing about e23 is that we don't need cairo-dock, all its features should be implemented via their modules, which won't consume more memory


My screen now fades off to a black screen even when i am using the computor like screensaver is being deployed. I have to remove the power to turn it back on.
Tried compositor; Checked Don't fade backlight and the backlight adjuster but to no avail. screen backlight still fades to blackness

There is an E23 setting for that one but I don't remember exactly which one. :thinking:

Some of those settings are fairly unclear and in different places like: screen-blanking and screen-backlight as well as advanced-powermanager.

Rebooted the machine and now the PC is working fine. Unfortunately i cannot replicate the trigger that caused the problem in the first place.

Yeah, E23 is strange sometimes.
Like the network icon going "off" if you login coming from E16 but being "up" none the less.

Have experienced that too. Unfortunately for me the link connects to the strongest signal which is a wifi intranet for security cams but has no internet. Then I cannot switch to the second wifi hotspot with internet unless i turn the first one off.

Having installed 3.8.11 I have found that connman-gtk appears again on E23, so that's good. You do have to install it yourself with "api connman-gtk" explicitely, though.

Otherwise "connmanctl" has plenty of options to help out there, like permanently blocking that AP.

from time to time these dialogs needs a rework with a more intuitive setup, and sometimes there's duplications of features between the different modules, when they are pretty confusing I suggest to report them :thinking:

Mmmh, are you sure that is not because you ahve it in your packages-to-maintain list? i don't think any connman package should be installed by default

No, I did a completely fresh install. :smiley:
I had to manually install it myself, as usual as connman from the ibar does not show wifi APs nicely without it.
What's new (again) is that it at least shows up when you call it ..... which it didn't since a while ago.

"nm-applet --show" will still not show up on E23, I think it's a gdm thingy.