Blast from the Past: CD envelope Elive 0.4.2


Look what I found on an old HD that was forgotten under my desk drawer. :happybounce:


Lol I remember this, it's an amazing design made by a french designer, still can be useful! :happy: specially because every part can be edited (svg)

It could be a good way to redistribute Elive to make it more known, maybe in Linux events and similar (but who will pay these DVD's ? good question!)

If you remember the old websites, you can still reach them by entering in old1 and old2 dot :wink:


2 other blasts from the past. Who remembers those. :w00t:

Printed man pages 1999.

French magazine 100%linux inlay booklet for CD
History, can't even find it on google anymore. :pensive:



That's a big book

I should tomorrow post a photo of some magazines including Elive CD's :slight_smile:

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