Brasero does not recognize double layer DVD

As said in the title, the current Beta has a crippled "Brasero" that will not recognize double layer DVDs.

Installing "k3b" and using that as write tool solves the issue but this is something that should be looked into.
K3b uses "growisofs" for double layer writing, I don't know what brasero uses.

Actually quite surprising no-one noticed this before. :eyepopping:

What version of Brasero is in the repos vs the version actually? Sorry - I'm not at an Elive computer right now.

Unfortunately I can't test this; I don't have any dual layer DVDs. You could try compiling the git repository; if it works then it's something wrong with the Elive repo version.

I could but I'm not going to. I'm just making the point that it's crippled.

This isn't the first time Brasero has had this maybe Gnome needs to look around for a substitute. :thinking:

probably because not much people uses these medias much today

alternatives for brasero welcome, in any case we should wait for after buster to see if is improved