BTRFS file system and SSD


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" Is Btrfs optimized for SSD?

There are some optimizations for SSD drives, and you can enable them by mounting with -o ssd. As of 2.6.31-rc1, this mount option will be enabled if Btrfs is able to detect non-rotating storage.

Note that before 4.14 the ssd mount option has a negative impact on usability and lifetime of modern SSDs which have a FTL (Flash Translation Layer). See [the ssd section in Gotchas](Gotchas - btrfs Wiki)for more information.

Note that -o ssd will not enable TRIM/discard. "


it is and the features for SSD are included in elive, but in the actual newer versions all the filesystems supports ssd well, including reiser4

well, these should not support it: reiser3, xfs, ext3, ext2, jfs... but they are not included unless you really want them to be added

check my answer here :slight_smile: SSD maintenance in Elive - maybe we need to put this on a FAQ page? ala "does elive support ssd?" (and showing this list)

yeah, elive kernel is newer and seems like btrfs works better

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