Cairo dock not able to overlay above current window

I am using Elive 3.7.16 64bit beta and thoroughly enjoying it. I thought Elive 3.0.6 was great but 64bit is a phenomenal game changer. That being said, a few irritations , I cant seem to overcome.

I want to summon Cairo-dock over the current active window when i drag the cursor to the bottom of the screen at any time. The dock seems to always stay below the current window even when i change the settings in its configuration settings. Seems to work only when desktop background is visible. All other windows seem to be able to overlay the dock.

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I agree too...... :wink:


I've noticed the same ..... it doesn't "popup" if the windows are fullscreen. Although a click on the desktop anywhere in the "reserved space" (i.e to the screen left or right) it has will bring it up.
E23 does not have this "issue", I've found. Albeit that I find that it tends to popup when I'm wanting to do something else at the bottom of the screen like using "find" in FireFox.

So in general, I disable that and jump to a window further on using Ctrl, Alt, -> or any of the arrow keys to use the dock (or the pager). :smile_cat:

To install E23 for testing:
"api enlightenment enlightenment-data"
Then log out of E16 and you'll have the option to try enlightenment (E23) on login.
Happy bug hunting ! :happybounce:


Wanna do it but I'm still stuck on 3.7.10... :frowning: :wink:
Can't arrive to elive-upgrade from x.10 to x.16... And is it even possible? :thinking:


Well a simple "apug" should do that (optionally followed by "elive-upgrader"), albeit that it will NOT identify as 3.7.16 (not worth the trouble in a moving target :smile: ) but as 3.7.10
The other simple way is to boot from 3.7.16 and opt for "upgrade". :wink:

Anyway, enlightenment will install on 3.7.10 too.

Will I still retain E16 and its settings? or at least transfer them to E23?

You will retain E16 as is.
Both desktops run parralel i.e have no further connection except a few strange system thingies.
Here are some pointers to look out for (it is "testing" after all):

And some screenshots are here:

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What do you mean exactly? :slight_smile:

What are the points you like it more from it?