Cannot boot Elive 3.0.6 on Macbook

It's kind of held up as I tried the stable 3.0.6 version with the macbook didn't even recognize the disk in the Startup disk selector, while the beta worked fine.

I think its because its not uefi...but then how did you create the macbook version of Elive?

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UPDATE: I can't right now test it (shortage of time with the start of online school), but do old MacBooks (2006/2007), support USB booting? It just came to me, that they might not...does anyone know?

Here is a very similar topic:

:news: Attention:
The first Intel Macs are actually 32bit computers and those generation cannot boot from USB at all. :nod:
So the procedure is like this:

  1. burn a CD (!)
  2. start the boot manager
  3. Select the CD there

The rest of the procedure is otherwise the same.
The most important thing that almost everyone gets wrong: ... ... .... ***
FIRST OF ALL :warning:
The partitioning must be done by the Mac OS ("Disk Utlity") (!) :madness:

*** = (if ya aint need a Mac OS partition for dual boot you can skip this step and just choose 'auto' install options of the Linux installer - NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MacBook 2006 ! )

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Will try once I have access. Thanks!

Which filesystem/partitioning system should I use? HFS+ (the old macOS filesystem, Mac OS Extended (Journaled)) has limited to no Linux support; APFS (the new one) is even worse! Will it boot exFAT?

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Are you serious :ohmygod:

No like this:

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You'll never know :madness:

Ahhhhhhhhhh didn't see that. Thanks for your help!