cannot use my standard domain catchall email address

I realize that bots, malware, etc. are a major problem but I've had my domain, for many years now (hosted via godaddy) because I don't want the email address I actually use to read/respond, etc. to emails (it's a gmail address I don't want "out there" for security purposes). This way, I can use unique email addresses, like to ensure that email address is ONLY used for elive related things and if I suddenly get spam at that address, I know where it orginated, as well as it's easy to block/automatically send to the spam folder.

I'm a long time linux using person, off and on, and play it regularly (usually Mint) and came across elive and wanted to try it out for older hardware I would love to repurpose and get into someone's hands that might not otherwise be able to afford it.

So, is there any other way, besides creating a temporary email address, like yahoo or aol or juno, etc., to get the 32 bit file of current stable version? Hate to just create email addresses for one times uses like this but will if that's the only way.


@Thanatermesis Any idea why this doesn't work?

I'm assuming it's something to do with stopping spammers I think. Error message said something about catchall email addresses are often used by spammers.

Yes this is correct, unfortunately, some people use this type of emails (especially the ones that have its own domains etc...) which are not accepted by the website in order to avoid spambots, a possibility is to enable them but then we will have a higher risk to get fake emails which is big trouble we had in the last months.

A simple solution is to configure better your email service to not allow "any" emails, for example lets say you need, and also admin@, and other few ones, everything else should go to /dev/null (this is the suggested way to configure an email server, which protects you also against spambots too), on this way the website of Elive will accept your special email system.