CD music gadget on desktop

I never used the CD app once... I don't listen to CD or mp3... I stream

Who is using that tool ? If 90% of people don't use it, they could simply access it, if needed in the accessories / music ?

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Even if not everybody uses it, I also found it a good way to show to the user "elive possibilities" and "elive is different / unique" (this means: users can remove it also if they don't wants it)

But like i said, its a PITA to play music in the correct way on linux, in fact my only best music player that fit my needs is songbird (which we are unable to compile for the newer versions)

remember that with this gadget, you can see the cover of your playing music (which looks nice), but also you can control your music with it, a single click and the music is paused, or you can switch to the next / previous song with the wheel (this means, without going / searching for your music app)

Even if your arguments/points are good, make sense to you, if 10 out of 10 do not like it or use it ? Wouldn't it make sense to forget about it ?
It's like saying I love Coka Cola Cream and you should like for this and this reason etc....

I generally think that the [big] music thingy is:

  1. too much "in your face"
  2. Not easily removed if you're new to cairo-dock.
  3. Definitely needs a nicer widget appearance that's more relevant.

I say: Either stick it in the dock or
Have it "opened" on startup and minimize to dock on closure so a new user knows where it is for when wanted.


I don't use it...

And I agree, I don't like the look... So it's one of the first things I take out of the screen when I use Elive :slight_smile:

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mmh not sure, i read many good comments in elive in the past about "elive essence" (music related thing in old elive versions), by other side everybody likes/loves music and everybody wants to play / use it (just like everybody watch movies or documentaries), by other side we need to remember that the CD thing in the desktop is "just another feature of cairo-dock", so cairo-dock has a selection of the best (but not too-many) features to include, the only thing there is that we look it as a separated thing as the dock.

By other side, the CD thing got some improvements:

  • maybe felt big in comparison to the other gadgets (the intention was to show correctly the cover images while playing), but it has been pretty shrinked in size in the last changes
  • "not easily" hum... not sure, everybody knows that they need to right-click in things when they don't do what they expect from the visually-available buttons, so if im not wrong, all the options are available from right-clicking on it (like: "return to the dock", "remove"), it has also an arrow when you mouse-in it to send it back to the dock
  • you mean the default yellow-cover image? yeah maybe we can use a different image for it :thinking: maybe a transparent cd-box one

It looks like to be: /usr/share/cairo-dock/plug-ins/musicPlayer/themes/cd_box_simple/preview

i use it from the dock too, but the original idea to put it on the desktop is to show it as a "demo" to show to the users that they can have gadgets on desktops and also to SHOW the covers of the playing music (you don't see the cover of your favorite music if is in the small dock, too small to see), its also an incentive to the users to investigate to see how things work and what are the possibilities

Maybe can be put on the dock for the installed-system and opened on live :thinking:

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