Chromium dont work


i am trying to open chromium and i have an error message “oops something wrong” this webpage is not available
and i can launch anything
What can i do? I remove and re- install it in terminal but nothing



I use Opera and Firefox and they work well in elive.
but I tried installing chromium from the command line and got the same error you got
I just don’t know if I had checked to install chromium during the installation process if it would have been the same version and been working…


I checked it during the installation but it doesn’t work …


FYI Chrome works for me in case it can help.
But for now, I’ll stick with Opera and Firefox…

I know we are all used to one browser :slight_smile:


je essaierais l ouvrir par le terminal merci bien


I meant Chrome and not Chromium… Just to be sure


i understand it !!!