Conky has a black background after upgrade-mode (reinstall)

You may have encounter this strange issue if you upgraded elive with the installer.

The cause / reason is very simple: conky confs had been updated, but not your desktop, and only when your desktop is a new one, some confs (included conky) are triggered

This means, conky by default is not well configured, elive configures it on the fly (changes the font sizes, set the correct ARGB values for transparency, set your wifi card names, etc...), but since it was a new conf, it was ugly and also missing those extra confs


how to solve this issue? simple, just go to your menus and select to restart to a new desktop configuration (yes, this will crash your desktop and set a new default conf of e16), which is also sometimes suggested to do each few months in order to get new features / confs

You can take a backup of your Keybindings or important stuff before doing it...

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yes, this is exactly what the updater of confs is meant to do, and somehow implemented (only in some things), like for example for e17 confs (it does it pretty good in fact), it saves your backgrounds and other few things (not all of them is possible) and even suggest you if you want to update it, we can do the same thing for e16 to save a selection of things (actually only saves the backgrounds too)

but these things are a complex topic, let's assume a "config structure", like let's say the e16 confs, which as some different parts:

  • backgrounds
  • hotkeys
  • desktop configs
  • startup applications list

A normal tool (if other distros ever had it) would update everything or nothing (just replacing the entire conf), our actual tool is almost the same but can include / exclude some things (like the backgrounds), and there's where the problem lies:

  • if improvements has been made in the hotkeys, the conf of the user should be replaced removing its own customizations?
  • if the improvements has been made in the hotkeys, the user should never get the new improvements in order to not lose their own modifications?

that's the issue :thinking:

So, the perfect tool should be something like this:

  • a default conf is provided by default, the user get's it the first time and customizes it on its own way, since now to forever
  • if an improvement has been made in the default conf, it should be merged on the conf of the user, without touching the user's own-made customizations
  • if a background is added, its appended on its list (not replaced)
  • if a hotkey is added, its appended on its actual hotkeys settings (so keeping its own customizations)
  • if a hotkey is modified, its merged without touching the other ones
  • if a hotkey is removed, its removed from its customization without touching the other ones

this is the future elive-skel, but in a magic and smart way so that the tool can deal with everything and without issues, bugs, or unexpected things... but this requires a good and powerful design with a pretty good amount of time to develop it in the correct way

and then, :partying_face:, elive (again) better :applause:

and the bad thing: another super-feature that nobody knows about it because the website doesn't shows them :frowning: :sniff:

Completely blank samsung 250gb evo 860 ssd, installed, this problem. While the contrast was nice it was ugly. But weird part was : it was Fresh Install.

I wish though that there were options WHAT to reset -- I had to redo my e16 settings... :frowning:


How does this needed on a fresh install ???? :baffled:
Anyway, when upgrading all your old settings can be found under "~/.e16.old" whereas conky prolly has it's own settings somewhere like "~/.conky".
So maybe keep a copy of that one if you customized conky in any way.

I didn't even know you could! :madness:

Seems a lot like git, so maybe we could just set up a github repo with these files, and... it works??

Just to show options:

Get ready to be mind boggled. :madness: