Copy 500 gig / lot of files from Reiser4 drive to Ext4 drive (DATA)

I want to copy 500 of files from a Reiser4 external USB parititon to an External USB ext4 partition

using Nemo always failed... The File Manager tells it will take 10 hours an after 20 minutes, the app " QUIT ".

What would be the easiest way to bring back my DATA from one external USB Drive (reiser4) to another external drive (Ext4)

I am currently trying with the BackUp app within ELive
We'll see how it goes

OOPs no, it won't be that tool as it makes a real backup / in a tar file...

I want to copy files / duplicate them...

I will now try with Thunar instead of Nemo to see if it QUIT/STOP

THUNAR seem more reliable / didn't unexpectedly quit.
Still copying, 8 hours to go.... (the 2 partitions, EXT 4 and Reiser4 are on the same drive, and I tink this PC is USB 2 so...)

Next time - and if you don't want to use cp commands on terminal -
then get "FreeFile Sync" (Google it)
It's my preference with a GUI - and you see what are you doing (and also how many useless crab files you got) :wink:

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And again:
What do YOU have to do with Nemo ? :roll_eyes:

TKs for the suggestion. For now Thunar seems to be ok... we'll see
As for nemo, I can see the hour and minutes in the MODIFIED column. For me it's usefull

Can we with THunar ?

Frankly I've alway used "mc" to copy large or many files ..... it has never failed me.
Somehow GUI copying always takes longer, is my feeling.

Of course it can also be done through the commandline with "cp -v" (add the verbose -v otherwise you have no idea how it's doing) and gives a matrix like feeling but mc shows a nice widget with the remaining time and percentage of the copy.

Next to "guake", "mc" is always my next lifesaving tool. :nod:
It has a nice dual pane view just for copying.

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it's a command or App ?

Midnight Commander,

it's the equivalent to Norton Commander
(uaaah :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: - reminds me on Win 3.11 )

See the accompanying picture. :yum:

Ah yes, call it a clone.
nc is the origin of all file managers.

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DOpus (Directory Opus); AAamiiiiiggAAaaaa!!!!!!!



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NC for DOS development started in 1986, DOpus is 4 years later. :surprise:

Well but DOpus was far more nice & powerful... :wink:
It still exists but as a ???? on windowns.... :cold_sweat:


Even this was stolen from Apple by the traitor Bill Gates, this dam Mf

No, it was developed independently by Symantec.
No doubt they in turn got their inspiration elsewhere, too.

47,000 files COPY using THUNAR didn't failed.
Same DIsk, Reiser4 partition to EXT4 partition

Nxt time i will play with MC, thanks

Norton Commander ? HOoo we're old to remember those names....


I just played with MC, I Like it !

The nice thinq with MC is that:
If you are in a certain folder (let's say Downloads) you can hit "CTRL and o" and you are in a shell to run a command. Hit "CTRL and o" again to get the mc interface again.
Also if you hit F9 you can access the top menu and for instance create a remote sftp connection to another machine.
And it can be started with "sudo mc" to manipulate system files.

tks for those tips !!!!