Could I be of any use writing in V?

Could I be of any use writing code in V? It's simple, and can run C code out of the box.

I'm planning on learning it -- they built a website using V and the compiled version was 65 KB!! Also, it's really powerful.

mentions: @Thanatermesis

One of my kids had to learn R and Python basics and she wasn't even studying computer science ...... so what would be the pro of learning this V?

Be aware that every interpreted language touts itself as "easy" but usually isn't without trading in versatility and power.
My advice:
Start off by learning bash, it's all over the place these days, including Windows (thank you Ubuntu) if you want to and then move on to python and perl.

I already know Python, but I'd rather know multiple languages.

V is a compiled language and can directly run c code, which @thanatermesis apparently uses (sometimes).

I don't know, but I'd like to learn it anyway. I've already started, and plus it allows for cross platform (including mobile) GUIs officially.

meaning you get to use functions the creator thinks you need and none more. Actually this whole V project has the smell of a high school project that overshot itself....but I might be wrong.

Wonder what it uses for that ...... there's quite a few there, providing they're installed. Like tkinter, Qt, GTK, wxwidgets, etc.

The big downside of using an unusual language is that no-one can help you if you run into real problems.

the gui seems to be written in a combination of V itself, Objective-C (for the mac support), Verilog, and "other".

oh, did i forget to say? v is written in v.

I don't exactly understand what you mean, as it lets you run any C function. there's no blacklist or whitelist.

its discord server has thousands of members

they answered all of my questions

also, its SO category has thousands of watchers

I don't know, but you could be right.

anyway, i'll probably learn c, then use c in v, unless there's a big showstopper about v...can't find one yet

That way you wont be needing V :madness:
I had a quick look ..... it's very python-like IMO.

I cannot stop thinking on this when I read "V"


For those who knows what is that... :runningfast:

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UPDATE: Im learning C, Nim, and bash. C first, then bash, then nim. Even though C is impossible to learn

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