Could not mount Linux USB : not authorized to perform operation (polkit authority not available and caller is not uid 0)

Now getting this problem when i try to mount my usb flash disc.
The error message below comes up both in E16 and E23.
"not authorized to perform operation (polkit authority not available and caller is not uid 0)"

The problem likely is related to an earlier one which occurs when i created another user account from the desktop menu administrator /users configurator

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Actually "only" when you remove the first user and then later create a user with the same name and use the existing $HOME for that user.

i never removed any user , just added other users but lost the administrator privilleges with the the primary account set up at installation. Tried every thing only solution seems to be to delete the two newer user accounts

Or indeed bite the bullet and start fresh with 3.8.12 (or create a dual boot machine) :madness:

:sob: :sob: :sob:

Finally apug plus Elive-upgrader and a cold reboot saved the day

in short: if the issue is not directly an elive issue (this is worth of a minimal research too, in order to avoid issues as much as possible), you are left to two simple options: :slight_smile:

  1. reinstall elive as @triantares said, its pretty effortless (~15 minutes reinstall and you should have mostly everything of the things back as expected)
  2. continue investigating from there the issue comes (and if there's something to improve in elive, its welcome to know!)

this is strange in any case :thinking: creating a new user should make it working without issues (I already created some users too and they works without issues). Do you have mixed repos or did something different than just creating the user from the menus ?

As @triantares had suggested , i reinstalled the whole Elive afresh. So am not encountering these problems anymore

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