Does anybody miss Cortana?


Off course you don’t, I know eheh
But I just upgraded my monitor, except for looking way better it features integrated sound, camera and microphone so it’d be great having a vocal Assistant!
I will be looking for one available (and working correctly) for elive, do you know any?


This is a feature I love too ! Me and my son we have Amazon Echo, Echo-Dot and we use them for everything ( music, questions about everything, reminder, agenda, joke etc)

I read that there is some Alexa developer kit, and someone that is good, could create some Amazon Alexa ( equivalent of Siri) into an Apps for computers…

I followed a very long procedure / steps to do it LOL and it didn’t worked but I am sure I messed up somewhere,

So it’s not a question of generation, Fancy car are heading that wea, Amazon, google, Apple, and if we have a very cool Vocal assistant, a lot of people would love it LOL

I will try to find the links about the Amazon free programm for that…


I don’t know about Elive specifically, but there is one called Mycroft for Linux…


@crazycomputerguy did you try it ? Were your able to make it work ?

Just tried, was not able, but I am not that good yet with installing linux appls manually


I will try asap


Yes, I was FINALLY able, but be warned that it’s going to take a LOT of time, and a LOT of internet!! (and probably a good amount of drive space, too!)
I was on Bodhi Linux when I did it, btw, not Elive…

These guys have a funding project, so if you end up using it, try and support them if you can, yeah…? :slight_smile:


How much drive space did it take on your install? Can you still check or at least remember? Their GitHub zip file is less than 10MB in size.


Can it do transcription ?

I mean, I would say " Hello Alexa or whatever it’s name or press a key" and would be able to speak in english instead of typing on the keyboard for a long message…

For now, when I am doing that, I use Google Doc Online…



No I can’t really remember, but it was probably in the order of a couple of hundred MBs - AFAIR, when I ran it, it downloaded a ton of stuff from the net itself…


There’s a site called that does that. Chrome only, AFAIK (because the code that does it is inside Chrome!)


Dication is a very useful feature that can allow people to write documents much faster, but how much useful is in real life?

Unfortunately not much people (non-advanced users) does’t knows about these possibilities, so could be nice to have this feature more implemented / integrated, but only if is really worth (useful) to have it

  • Extremely useful
  • Sometimes useful
  • Not so useful
  • Waste of time

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