Download 32 bit

After the first attempt to download the 32bit version entering my email the site claimed it was none existing, The second attempt resulted in my IP being blocked. Are there working ways to download the 32 bit image?

I have just tried entering an email address on the site and it works fine.

Looks like it might be a typo or such on your side.
The entry requires a name, @ and a valid domain which includes a . (dot) to be recognized.

Sounds like you might need to check your machine to see what it's actually doing. Just entering a wrong address shouldn't warrant this.

Thanatermesis added some protections against bots:

What email service are you using?

"This email is nonexistent" generally means the email isn't registered on the website, IIRC, not that it's an malformed email address.

@Thanatermesis ?

Hi @theking2 , first of all thank you for reporting the issue :slight_smile:

I just verified all from your email and the logs, it reports that your email is not valid or has been wrongly typed, this form includes multiple verification tests (in order to avoid spambots, the elive website has been attacked by spambots in the past), and all of them passed correctly except the ipquality service, you can check your email on the previous link, the test is fine but it reports:

'recent_abuse' => true,
'fraud_score' => 100,

this is in your case a false positive, probably because a spambot used your email in the past to sign up in websites or something similar, so I have disabled this combination of cases to invalidate an email, after to try it again it worked, so now it is accepted and you should have received the email process :slight_smile:


Hey guys!
I'm unable to download the 32 bits version too, when i click on the download button i get redirected to the download page with the error message "The version '3.8.30' that you tried to download doesn't exist anymore. Use instead this new version which includes bugfixes and improvements."
Am i doing anything wrong?

@Thanatermesis Can reproduce with the direct downloads forum post

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Sorry ppl, there was an issue with the isos and I re-uploaded it this morning :frowning: now is working again, unfortunately I didn't noticed that for... maybe 2 days and in the middle of the release