Download issues with email with the download

Hello, I'm new to the Elive forum. I'm sorry and sorry to post the issue here.
I asked for a download link and it says that I had to wait 10 minutes in the email I received.
It's been 30 minutes and I still haven't received a connection. Is this a problem with Elive mail?

I checked my other mail boxes and files. Is there anyone who can help?

Welcome to the forum!

First of all: don't be sorry to post it here!

If you don't post it here, we don't know -- and so it can't be fixed.

Second of all: you asked for a download link on the forum or typing it into the website? If it was the website, IIRC you have to wait 1 hour to download? or has this changed? If it was the forum, there should have been no email sent other than the Discourse notification that someone replied.

oh and i'm livebooting 3.0.6 and posting from there :happy: :nod:

yes unfortunately theres issues with the email being marked as spam, im working these days on the email server to improve this issue and telling more details to the user when downloading the iso

could be good if in the next days you can try again