E16 bus error?


Nothing happens when I move the mouse or press F1. The computer is bricked. It actually took like fifteen minutes to get any video output whatsoever — but when it finally did, this was the screen. Ctrl-Alt-F1 doesn't take me to tty1.

Does it help to know that I was building cinelerra-gg from source because couldnt find it in the repos?

Ehm, Elive ships with the latest cinelerra-gg.
Open it with "applications", "video", "cin" or simply "cin" on the commandline.

Did not work; returned 127.

Seems like the same as issue as api not working (I just had to wait a bit for some reason)

I will Tell you the results next week

Did not appear in the video dropdown in e16. Again, I'm going to give it a week — maybe my brain is too tired. :madness:

Hmm, looks like "cinerella" aka "cin"never made it to the repositories so wouldn't have been upgraded if it had been installed before anyway. Apparently your base install version hasn't aged well.

So you really, really need to upgrade using the latest .iso .... if you don't it doesn't make much sense in reporting bugs here --- not trustworthy at all, your system is a mess in every way. :face_with_head_bandage:

As you can now see, you can postpone upgrading for a while by using apug/elive-upgrader but not forever. Despite all wishes and hopes: Elive is not a rolling release, it just upgrades violently. :madness:

I like the expression "violently" here...
It hits the nail on the top, so to say.... :nod:

Downloading it NOW.

WAIT...it was the 32bit elive...thats why theres no cinelerra @triantares...

The mismatch of 32bit and 64bit should not cause this error at the compilation.
As the error is saying, I've would check the hardware. The easiest is to check the RAM via memtest86. It is a Laptop? So you're limited in 'try and error' replace parts. But if you've got a dual Graphics Card, you may change the setting in the bios.

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Nope, a Dell Precision 370.

It hasn't happened since a restart. Maybe it's because it froze and something in the memory corrupted when it went to sleep.

Anyway, the ISO is downloaded — I just have to install it.

Yeah, compiling and sleep/hibernation is not a good combination during compilation. Indeed.

Did not think it would take that long or I would have disabled sleep lmao.