E24: Guru Meditation opening terminology

I have no idea WHAT it was.

I was trying to launch Terminology from the ibar in E23. My cursor accidentally moved and almost dragged Terminology out of ibar. Next thing I know, there are like six Terminology windows open, and a Guru Meditation error is shown on the top. I tried to take a screenshot, but when I clicked the menu button it disappeared.

I have no idea what it was or why it happened. Is it an E23 thing?

... ... ... AmiiiiIIiiiigaaaa mind ghost nearby... ... ... :angel:

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...very funny. Har har har.

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It is E23 specific and usually offers F1 to remedy whatever is going wrong i.e it restarts E23 and puts you back to the first virtual screen, if you weren't already there.


Really? Cool!
I will try to redo...

ya, ya..

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That is definitely what happened. Thank you :slight_smile:
But why did it happen? All it did was open five Terminology windows...

Can you reproduce the issue?

Not really.

When I do what I accidentally did all it does is remove the icon from the ibar.

You should have a crashdump file of that issue, remove the file and see if you can reproduce it, i fyou can't (we have updates), just delete the entire thread :slight_smile: (useless anymore), otherwise, we should open a bug report to phab


plus, i assume it's deleted bc it was like a few months ago...


delete your possibly existing ~/.e-crashdump.txt file , if you have another crash, save a copy of it :slight_smile: (it may have useful info), and use an updated E of course