Econnman missing after apt-get autoremove

Uninstalled an unstable antivirus Clamav and freshclam frontend which left some broken dependencies and orphan libs. So i did apt-get autoremove and somehow lost my internet connection.
Connection manager reports the above error message " Module that provides Econnman missing Please reinstall " and wont reconnect.
Rebooting the computor reconnected the wireless network in the background thats why i am able to type but cannot see what is going on. Not that there is much to see but i feel comfortable seeing a connection notification

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You need to install "connman-gtk" :smiley_cat:


Mmmh, what we should do with this thread?

  • it is not a bug
  • econnman is optional
  • since it is not meant to be installed by default / being a real dependency is normal to have it autoremoved
  • e23 is experimental

basically this whole thread should be moved to an "experimental" section, maybe in one of the e23 threads, or we may create a whole "experimental" section in the forum for these type of things :thinking:

mentions: @yoda, @triantares

econnman doesn't exist but it does get mentioned when trying to get to connection preferences in E23. For now connman-gtk works as a stand-in.

I agree that Enlightenment/E23 should have a separate section. I do try to always add E23 as well but a whole section for Enlightenment(E23) experimenting/testing makes stuff a lot clearer IMO. :smiley14: