Econnman missing after apt-get autoremove

Uninstalled an unstable antivirus Clamav and freshclam frontend which left some broken dependencies and orphan libs. So i did apt-get autoremove and somehow lost my internet connection.
Connection manager reports the above error message " Module that provides Econnman missing Please reinstall " and wont reconnect.
Rebooting the computor reconnected the wireless network in the background thats why i am able to type but cannot see what is going on. Not that there is much to see but i feel comfortable seeing a connection notification

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You need to install "connman-gtk" :smiley_cat:


Mmmh, what we should do with this thread?

  • it is not a bug
  • econnman is optional
  • since it is not meant to be installed by default / being a real dependency is normal to have it autoremoved
  • e23 is experimental

basically this whole thread should be moved to an "experimental" section, maybe in one of the e23 threads, or we may create a whole "experimental" section in the forum for these type of things :thinking:

mentions: @yoda, @triantares

econnman doesn't exist but it does get mentioned when trying to get to connection preferences in E23. For now connman-gtk works as a stand-in.

I agree that Enlightenment/E23 should have a separate section. I do try to always add E23 as well but a whole section for Enlightenment(E23) experimenting/testing makes stuff a lot clearer IMO. :smiley14:

I would like to include econnman as the network configurator for e23 but i wonder if this would be more limited and bugged (network-manager includes many well tested plugins and standards of connections), so i think that to connect to internet is better to avoid it and use the external network-manager, just like elive 3.0 does

I didn't know econnman was already available.
I use connmann-gtk on E23 and it works fine with conman from the ibar.

Please do if it is what E23 prefers. I still get wifi connection bugs for example switching from one wifi hotspot to another , or when computor comes out of hibernation, there are no hotspots showing in the connection manager yet other devices can see them. Other times the laptop can connect to a hotspot in the background and am able to access the internet but i cannot see which connection is connected. I have to reboot the computor if the connection connects to my security cam wireless router first because i have no way of disconnecting it. Its a nuisance but not a total turnoff


Perhaps could be a good thing to remember the terminal command for switching in/out/restart..?
And eventually fit it in a little tool in accessories menu?


That is actually quite possible using "connmanctl" as a command.
I.e to scan for wifi one would use "connmanctl scan wifi" and can then see the found APs in the widget on the ibar.

That would be "connmanctl enable|disable wifi"
See "connmanctl help" for all the options. :smiley14:
"connman-gtk" refuses to show up lately. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you , I thought i was having hallucinations.

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There is clearly a problem in the fact that "connman" and "nm-applet" do not work well together.
Considering that we see E23 as the future DE for Elive 4.0 and may also want to keep E16 in place as an optional second DE.

That leaves only 3 options:

  • Integrate "connman" and "econnman" into E16 and remove "nm-applet" which might have some consequences for "cairo-dock" (i.e remove that too).


  • Integrate "nm-applet" into E23 in place of "connman", where I doubt the E23 devs will support that.


  • Get "connman" to work with "nm-applet", which I doubt will be easy.


On a personal note:
I find the "connmanctl" utility vastly superior to network-manager but then I'm a commandline dude. :madness:
Network-manager is only liked more because there are so many illustrated Ubuntu howtos available, IMHO.

nmtui all the way! :smiley14:

EDIT: I can't believe I actually used that emoji correctly. That's a first! :coding:

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Is it possible to post a sticky on how to use "connmanctl " in the event that we keep losing the networkmanager gui functionality? Wifi connection continuity is a vital component of todays computor experience so much so that any intermittent interruptions are potentially likely to induce psychotic rage in some of us internet addicts. Much obliged.
Ps. I am so used to E23 now , I find going back to E16 feels like stepping back into 1980s. :disbelief:

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If on E23 "connmanctl" conks out i.e the network icon doesn't show anything .....

It wont show any results in a terminal either.
Network Manager will have taken over and I'd advise @TheTechRobo preference and use "nmtui" until this is sorted out.
"nmtui" is clear enough on it's options and like with any documented command "man connmanctl" and "man connman" will show all the available options.

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NMtui works almost fine, just that when Network Manager conks out( What an accurate description) . It still hijacks the session as nmtui is attempting to connect occassionally link remains down but at least after a couple of tries it connects up. Will keep waiting for final solution fingers crossed :applause:

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On E24, accessing Main menu - applications- Preferences - Internet:
Gives a nice Network connection applet on the left upper corner of the screen. What is strange is that it only works once per desktop session. It cannot be displayed again. You need to reboot computor to get it again.

Ps( For some reason I have failed to screenshot the Main menu to demonstrate, even PrntScrn does not work)