Elive 3.0.0 installation feedback


yes and no, there are rare cases of buggy cards (drivers) which doesn’t works correctly the hardware acceleration for enlightenment (even if the GL is working correctly), the known ones are already blacklisted in evas (only the known ones). So it is always good to give the opportunity to the user to select if use it or not, in case that the default option not work

What you say about “preconfigured and no point in asking the user…” is just what the checkbox does, preconfigure it and the user only needs to click in “continue”, informing also about “if you have any problem try the other option…”

this is much better than restricting a small % of users to not being able to use elive because of a static configuration that they cannot change before the desktop starts

yes, popups are annoying, questions too… but allowing them to be selected at the first configuration of the system (not in every boot / start of the desktop) allows the user to have his elive system configured and running correctly (problem is, asking these questions at every startup)

about the black screen:

is strange that was going to black but anyways it is disabled even more in the config now and not asking for presentation too


I will try to improve that in the future, by other side if they accidentally clicks in encryption it is a good thing… everybody should have encryption by default, just think about traveling with your laptop and you lose it or they robs you, anybody can access to your hard disk or simply the browser and have access to all your data, i mean, just run a browser with that user’s conf and you can directly enter on his email, facebook, and banks, and if it asks for any password just click in “i have forget the password” and it will be sent to the email of that person that you have already opened

Im just shocked about why windows is not encrypted by default, nor offering the option too aparently, and in a small research on internet i dont have found anything to encrypt the disk in windows… so i never go out of the house with the laptop with windows, maybe a solution is to buy a self-destruction device attached to that laptop in case is lost…that can be billionaire business; “make your windows secure”


I experienced problem with Ubuntu when choosing encryption on one of my laptop, and tend to not activate it anymore for " my Desktop at home".

May be one day I will re-install my Elive Desktop and turn on encryption. … OOPS I am sure I can encrypt my home partition once installed, I could in Ubuntu… 2nd tough, by using entire d isk when installing Elive, I think I only have one parition…

what’s the command Than to encrypt my Elive, once already installed ? I can google…



nope you can’t

the installer creates an encrypted layer and on it, the partitions, you cannot “change” them to encrypted, better to reinstall and copy your user’s files back to the new system

if this is a tower computer, unless you are a secret agent that’s not very needed, but if is a laptop i strongly suggest to encrypt the disk

by other side there’s other encryption features / tools, that can allow this, but is more like an ugly hack that modify’s or redirects the files i think, it can work, i dont know… elive just encrypts everything (even the swap partition, which is needed for security reasons, not accessing some possible personal information when shutdown the computer)