Elive Button


I have look for something to add to my website to help in Elive promotion like an "Elive button", banner, etc.... and have not see anything.
Maybe it will be a good idea to have a place in Elive website where people can copy the code to include in their webs, or anywhere.

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I like the idea,

In the past I created a banner which can be embeded in other websites using an "iframe", but unfortunately this is not possible to do using the plugin revolution-slider

But, stills perfectly possible (if im not wrong) using the old slider code, which doesn't rely's to the wordpress website, this is a real example (which also includes a viral hint in the end so that others can copy it too)


Not sure if you can use it actually using the iframe, or it just needs to be hosted in a httpS place, but i played with this in the past unsuccesfull to re-use it (to copy it in the other websites)

instructions are in the last slide


How about a simple picture with a link to a Youtube or Vimeo slideshow.
I usually have stuff like that blocked 'cause I hate my eye being pulled to something I didn't ask for.
Don't do to others .......!


yes, maybe just a "youtube video" link can be an alternative and better way, and people likes to click on videos :slight_smile:


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