Elive Custom Emoticons


I have a very serious topic here

For those who didn't know, Elive 's forum has some very old and very funny emoticons @Thanatermesis insisted to import from the OLD forum system.

I could not believe how it was important to him... Grow up man !

But what is life without fun ?

But I got addicted to them too so here is a short tutorial

  1. If you type : (column) you access the list / click the emoticon icon
  2. once there, the last category at the bottom left, are the ELIVE, old forum's emoticons
  3. if you " mouse over them"
    • You'll see their name
    • at the bottom while "mousing over" you'll see the complete name
      so next time you want them you can simply type : and the name


:rainbowyay::rainbowyay: :rainbowyay: :rainbowyay: :rainbowyay: