Elive Linux 3.8.9 beta 32bit won't save keyboard settings and wallpaper

Please help. I installed Elive 3.8.9 beta and it worked fine. I changed the keyboard settings so I have US English and Greek Simple keyboard layout then installed the same wallpaper for all virtual desktops. Though now that i started my computer it has the default wallpapers and I can only type in english. What's wrong?

Welcome to the forum @achilleaselivelinux!

I have been testing what you reported but it worked for me:

  • configured keyboard to a different language
    • it worked after to run the tool
    • it still worked after reboot
  • set a different wallpaper
    • still shows after reboot

Note that these settings are only saved for the installed system, not for the Live mode, unless you set up the Persistence mode of Live mode