Elive not booting on virtual machine


I was telling my cousin all about Elive and how he should use it. However, when he was going to test it in a VM, at the screen that asked whether to boot live or to install it just froze. both the stable and beta did this.

Does anyone know why this happens? He is using VirtualBox.

@triantares had an issue recently, there's an option which makes it work bad which I don't remember (ideas @triantares?), it was about cpu settings that made the same process to run multiple times and so everything was failing because of that (hard to explain)

so, try to change the settings, one to one, and see if works, also could be good if you post which setting was the wrong one, there's a chance to include a detector of that setting and tell the user that needs to change this setting in order to avoid this issue

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He told me he fixed it, he said he didn't remember how, but apparently it's really slow on VM and he is way too stubborn to try it on live. any ideas?

try it in live :slight_smile:

first, VM requires cpu flags to run fast, and Elive in real hardware shows more features

but about VM, he needs to fine tune it in order to work correctly

@triantares do you remember which was the VM setting that made it work incorrectly?

Frankly, I don't remember.
As to the CPU settings: I do remember that it was down to opting for a single CPU (not multiple) and NOT enabling PAE in extended settings....But that was for 32bits.

No, he's too stubborn.

I told him that booting live is where it really shines, but he has a really biased opinion about he won't use anything that even remotely looks like macOS.

He's liked every other distro I've recommended to him. I don't understand what's so different.

hum yeah, it was related to using multiple cpu's :thinking: , it has a relation with this for sure, for my case it works correctly using multiple cpu, it can be easy to detect and tell the user about this setting but is needed to know how to reproduce it

it doesn't, it looks better :rofl2:

im going to do a few tests... 32bit version of Elive or 32bit vbox "machine box setup" ?

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The latter, a 32 bit Vbox setup.

You think that 32bit has relation? :thinking:

PAE sounds me familiar, but I use PAE without problems... maybe was because APIC is needed for multiple cpu's (actually, this option is required for using multiple cpu's, but maybe older versions of vbox had it disabled originally, hum...)

Since I cannot reproduce the issue with exactness, I have added a warning message for cases of virtualbox environments with more than one cpu

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but you are right. I want to tell him about e23 (no cairo-dock) but...i've just gotten sick of him lol