Elive ready-to-use in downloadable formats


A very good way to spread Elive and making it more known is by listing it (and making it available!) on those websites which you can download pre-installed images of something (example: preinstalled elive in virtualbox downloadable image)

Some urls:

Could be nice if somebody has the time for contact the sites asking them if they plans to include Elive stable 3.0 because is a.. (beautiful words bla bla) and propose them that you can create it and send the image to them so that will be included and more people enjoying it

I wonder why so many websites doesn't talk / include anything about Elive :thinking:

3.7.1 betatesting experiences

Remind me again to do it

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Easy to see for me - I told you already in my very first pm to you -
because of missing PR and wrong persons to inform selected.
OK, fine - let's go.

when we really want a higher level of interest -
then we will need something special that distinguishes us from others;
(especially to Bodhi, these Moksha crab is always and regularly in the press)
Elive e17 (the way of appearance on the live media ! )
this is a beauty which is different.

I would then issue a press release that looks something like this: (and will do)
Elive 2019 'codename' released
Unique empathetic beauty that is intuitive to use.
With a tiny footprint.
Rock solid on latest stable debian base.
Well developed by Elive, your hub to the e-world.
64bit and 32bit* as well. (*e16 then ?) free downloads available.
All the latest applications are already on board.
Everything is legal and open source therefore free - but priceless.
Thus, appreciation is only possible through donations,
which are welcome.
Computers with Elive "codename" give the term "performance" an unprecedented new dimension.
Older computers, in particular, benefit from the optimizations provided to them and are lovably reusable for everyday use.
Try it before installing in LiveMode and you will be very surprised.

And then continue with more details...

Exatly. Ya. This is it. :nod:

It should also be noted that Bodhi sits on Bionic - what many users because
tired of many inadequacies.
So here's another chance to get the Enlightenment fans on our side ...

Let's get the stuff done :omfg:

I guess, you should shift this to a more fitting category
for that the others can see & discuss...

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Actually thought that would be pointless as one can always boot from the live-mode with persistence.
I can make a few and see where I drop them.

BTW, On twitter Jono Bacon asked for suggestions for personal donations. I suggested Elive and added that some attention or media coverage would be just as appreciated.
He used to be on the Mandrake lists as well IIRC and later did communitie related management stuff for Cnonical/Ubuntu.

He would be perfect to get on board here.


Give an e17 to us :wink:


Nope, Only E22 .....E17 is not done yet.
But won' t before June ....... so who knows, maybe I'll haveone that can yodel. :happy:

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but "moksha" is nothing, i mean, they just forked e17 to mainly change the name, its just the same thing Elive did with its very-customized e17 (but without changing the name)

the press release looks good :slight_smile:

note that we can only use (announce) the stable 3.0 version for the public, its beautiful and intuitive, the new alphas are not ready for end users and also, will be not published as public releases until that moment (private downloads only for the supporters)

can be referenced the 64bit versions as a private development for the supporters maybe, talking about its improvements and support and features (which is good and also needed: who try's the stable 3.0 versions will think that is very outdated!)

the press release itself looks very good :slight_smile:
By other side, could be nice maybe to collect emails from magazines and similar, to include in the newsletter database, in order that they will be notified on release annoucnements (with a good press release writed from the website too)

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well, this post was originally meant for "downloadable virtual images, ready to use with elive" :slight_smile: but for press-release things we could just open a new (more specific) thread


I agree with that, BUT, the goal is to have Elive listed on these sites :slight_smile: , so when a user will want to download a preinstalled OS for virtualbox see "elive? what is that? let's see" (and discover elive, which is the goal, because not many people knows that it exists)

I think I didn't understood the suggestion asking :slight_smile:

We should not use the new alphas, only the stable releases, there's too many not-working-yet things on the alphas, mostly only the desktops, but in the end, the desktop is about the 90% of the experience, and the stables with e17 is just "ooh nice! see all these things integrated and beautiful", this is what we need/want to use for having an impact

We can talk about the new development in the alphas as much as we want (it is good to tell "X features on the way!"), but we should not share them, otherwise it will leave a "bad taste" to those who tries it, the stable versions are more polished (even if old) and leaves a nice taste experience :slight_smile:


I know.
Then we have to wait.
"It is ready, when it is ready".

I handover the draft of the "press release" today to a friend, she is a professional native english speaking Proof Reader
for making it perfect. She will reply in the next days...


Will send an USB live Stick to all of them
(in Germany)


Yes but not for the next stable version, the -actual- 3.0 version is a ready to use final (very good) result, so we can use this one now, the next stable release will happen in an unknown future, the work required for the desktops is too big at the moment


A picture to explain:

He was probably thinking of other instances but getting maybe a slight interest might be usefull.there,

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Ha I see! Thank you :slight_smile: :love: