Elive Retro (Work in Progress)

This thread will be used to announce some progress for the EliveRetro version :applause:

  • Last update of E16 includes an important fix where the desktop was locked in full CPU when switching fast the desktops: #3 - Switching between screens fast seems to block e16 - e16 - Enlightenment GIT

  • A RetroWave (synthwave, etc) music playlist has been created with the best selection of retrowave music for the version (a window will be opened with the music playing at desktop startup in live mode, as a presentation mood) :

Won't that create copyright problems?

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No because there's no downloaded content, only the web link (or "mpv" command, depending of computer resources) opened with that youtube playlist, just like the user watching some content on youtube

On the other hand there's many royalty-free songs of retrowave (synthwave*)


I'd be careful.
youtube-dl got temporarily taken off GitHub partially because its test suite tested downloading of copyrighted songs.

It's not the same, but better safe than sorry.

Work In Progress: :work:

betatesting instructions on the video description

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Looks good, I like the icon choice and even the looks you gave to cairo-dock(I still prefer tint2).

As a whole I think that the linear wallpaper designs make for a cluttered experience i.e overdoing the black & pink..... go for simple.

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I really like the theme you thought was "too dark" - please keep it available!

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After using the configuration for a while I do find the dark theming tiring on the eyes using the candy icon set.
On a light background they look a lot a better

and as a side note:

  1. Dark theming hardly existed in the 'old days' Retro is supposed to be pointing to.
  2. Applications (not all) do not always adhere well to dark mode.

The icons in the dock (as well as systray and menu) will create a problem regarding consistency as a lot of (3rd) party apps bring along their own icons.

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I may have forgot to say this, but this version will not only be retro but also follow a specific "design / look", so this thematic will be based on "RetroWave" style (google for it and you will immediately see the look-n-feel on the image results), so the look will be entirely dark @triantares, which is also a good practice for compatibility on a fully dark desktop :slight_smile:

BTW if you didn't, watch the movie "Kung Fury" on youtube, you will have fun with that! :applause:


  • colorscheme added for terminology, use "apir terminology-data" to start using it (RetroWave colorscheme)

Well here's the first question:
Do we name it "Retro" or "Retrowave"?

Considering "Retrowave" is an existing style and it's mainly cosmetic on Elive (i.e not a throwback in software or design) ..... I think 'Retrowave' is the better description. :dance:

good question / point, yes retrowave is more like the "cosmetics style" picked, but i think the topic is more about "an OS with a retro style (and/or good for old computers)", so for this "Elive Retro" is more intuitive (a retro version of Elive), on the other hand if we decide to -really- go to the retrowave style as uniqueness then the "elive retrowave" is more appropriate... also is important to consider here importance of the "retrowave" keyword impact on google, this means that people that will search for "retrowave" on internet my find better this version of elive :thinking:

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