Elive's Health Foundation - Funny Donation Campaigns, Work in Progresss


Just embrace/jump into my sadness, let’shave fun and brainstorm…

The Idea is about doing something very funny, associating giving money to support Elive operating system to getting a better balance and healthy life.

Yep the Elive Health Foundation is born !

Health programs “proof of concept”
examples :

Coffee drinkers 90 days challenge
(a lot of people buy one coffee/day at 2$ each, it’s 60$ / month !! And it’s not that healthy…Some a lot more than one,

If 100 Elive’s coffee drinkers users would commit to drink 15 coffees/month instead of 30 we’re getting
100 Elive’s users X 15 coffees at 2$ each = 3000$ / month from coffee drinkers program !!

Junk Food addict - 90 days challenge
If 50 Elive’s addict to McDonald, Burger King and all Junk Food Chain were taking one less Junk Food Meal / week :slight_smile:
50 X 7$ X 4 weeks = 1400$ / month !

And we can apply that to movies too, 2 movies/month instead of 4 etc

I consulted a renowned psychologist, who wanted to remain anonymous and said this is may be the key to solving health problem in the world! ( I said, jump in into my madness)

Most people won’t be ready to make the effort of stopping a destructive habit for their own benefit, not enough motivation for change. But, if changing that habit benefit someone else or better, a cause, this could be powerful enough to commit to doing it !!

So the sales pitch would be something like

By stopping drinking one coffee / two day, you’re not only heading toward a better health (we know you don’t give a shit) but you’ll be part of those who will make Elive one of the best OS on the planet, allowing poor people to finally get what they deserve and get access to a modern, fast, decent OS for their old computers! By staying home playing on their computer, learning, working on projects, they won’t hang out with bad teenagers to end up in a gang! So yes, Elive will lower the crime rate!

" All that by becoming a Patreon and stop drinking one coffee per 2 days !!! " Be part of the movement!

Ideas of possible different programs: Junk Food, Coffee, Alcohol, Drug…

Each month we could award the 1st 3 winner in all categories LOL LOL LOL I stop here

Website of Elive

Vending machines’ one costs only 0.50€ :smirk: and actually coffee when it’s not too much it’s actually not that bad for health! Like wine, usually people associate it to simple alcohol but a glass a day it’s even good! But I like the idea, what about “avoid having breakfast out, have it with your family!” And you save up 2/3€ every morning!

Luckily I’m italian this won’t touch me in any way :smiley:

Ahahahhaah I like this one

Smoke, most common and most expensive (legal) addiction!
When I was in middle school I read an article stating that those heavy smokers who waste money in about 2 packs per day may instead save their money and buy an house in Maldive in about 15 to 25 years (depending on the brand and house’s size)