Eltrans: how to improve the english


I have recently started to use an own, pretty good trick to correctly write english sentences (since its not my native language) which also features (almost) perfect translations generated by default

So if you want to help improving the english sentences from eltrans, this is my suggestion of how to proceed with it:

  • open eltrans, select "translate to english" (from tarzanic to english heh)
  • open a google-translator tab in your browser
  • select the first sentence to translate in eltrans, copy it to google translator, and select to translate it to your language
    • note: your language must be a common one, like spanish or french, on which the translations are known to be somewhat well translated
  • now in google translator, try to improve the english message, making it shorter, using more specific words, and with a clever message, try to make the message shorter without redundancies and clear to understand
  • while you are doing that, you will see the translated message in your language, here is where the amazing trick belongs, so that every change will result in a realtime modified translator, so you know in every moment if you are using gramatically correct words and a well structured message
  • modify it until you see that the translated version looks perfect in your language
  • copy-paste this modified english message back to eltrans, the message is now improved :slight_smile:

Important: if your meaning is to translate to your language, you must first verify the correctness of the original english sentences and then request me to rebuild that package in order to regenerate the sentences with the new ones


  • the entire message changes to better if you put a , or a . in different parts of the structured sentence

  • the message looks much more correct if you change the words that looks wrongly-translated in your language, for example:

    • Your root partition looks full --> Tu partición raíz se ve completa (no, its not "completed" the correct word), so:
    • Your root partition looks filled up --> Su partición raíz se ve llena (this is a bad example but changing this word is more correct, and also features a default translation to every other language to be correct for the end users)
  • generic old messages wrongly writed: sometimes I found messages that are not very clear or well described, for example:

    • original: Do you want to install the proprietary drivers of Nvidia? We suggest to use it to have a better experience, it offers 3D acceleration and other features like a smoother desktop, it is most of the times also more stable than the free-drivers
    • improved: Do you want to install the proprietary graphical drivers of Nvidia? Some computers needs them, while other ones works better with the open drivers. You must try both modes to know which one is more suitable for you.
    • auto-translated to spanish: Desea instalar los controladores gráficos propietarios de Nvidia? Algunas computadoras los necesitan, mientras que otras funcionan mejor con los controladores abiertos. Debes probar los dos modos para saber cuál es el más adecuado para ti

In this example I found a lot of differences by using different words like "free drivers" (gratis drivers) or "propietary" or "closed drivers", but now that message is much better this way, notice the use of "open drivers" in the example

As you can see in the previous example, even if the message was changed entirely in its contents (what is communicating), the new one is much improved, with better words, grammar and structure, the automatic translation to spanish is with this one perfect (which means: we don't even need translators anymore, if the original in english are well written), at the same time that the english one is also much better. As I said I now write all the messages using this technique.

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I like that. :dance:

BTW count me in for Dutch translations as well. While it's my mother tongue I never have used it on computers, so somtimes I get lost.
Frankly I always put English installs on all the computers my kids had. They hated it in primary school but now that they're in university, they're quite proficient with them. :idea:


I switched to system in english too some time ago, its better for multiple things (including when you share a screenshot or result code lol)

I suggest you to first try with a small one (usb-bootable-elive or eltrans), translating it first to english (I mean, verifying the correctness of the english sentences first), and then you can translate it to Dutch with the new sentences (important: I must run a build of the package first so that the dutch messages will be updated)


No problem except, like I said my computing Dutch isn't perfect....but then whose is. :dizzy_face:

Lets put up a translation forum so the current forum doesn't get too cluttered. :smiley14:


well, that is what this section (#get-involved:communication) is meant for :slight_smile:

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