Ergonomic Keyboards - Recent study


Please don't talk me about keyboards, I think I have a problem with that, its my most "extreme" perfectionism, no one satisfy me lol :see_no_evil:

And then I needed to make my own one in order to work correctly: :runningfast:

But seriously, the best keyboard in the world so far :slight_smile: or almost!

To be perfect it would require the "classic blue alps" switches, damn... i dream to press these ones one day

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OMG... the sound of these switches describes their quality perfectly :drooling_face:


you are special, I can tell.
"... am normal, but 99% of the other people are not" (Thanatermesis)

In the past I was kind of a fan of Steve Jobs for being a visioneer,
but now you can become the new idol.

Let me let you know
that my affection is not any easy to win, btw.


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lol thank you :slight_smile: :furrydance:

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I know :laugh:

That was a trap :slight_smile: I found the article interesting but knew your are more than interested / sensible to keyboard discussions. I am happy you showed your creation ( custom made insane keyboard) to the others...

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