EULA for Elive?


What do you think if, in order to use Elive you should accept a specific EULA (End User License Agreement) ?

Something that will prompt a message that you must accept before to continue, similar to:

I promise to not say shit if I don't like Elive by any reason, at the same way I don't say shit to friends when they gift me something. I acknowledge that Elive has been made during 14 years of full-time daily work. I acknowledge that I'm not forced by any mean to use Elive, which I downloaded the system by my own and I can use it or not, with everything entirely cost-free


Yeah I mean, it is easy to criticize, but im pretty convinced that the people that does that is simply because they has no idea what there's behind, maybe they thinks that there's a "big enterprise making money on this product" lol :man_shrugging: idk

Related: Did you know that in the past, Elive had a license forbiding the use of the system for military purposes or violence related topics?

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May be this could inspire you
google for: Linux Mint Privacy Policy

(forgive me, but am a long term 'Minter' meanwhile :wink: )

but EULA - seriously MicroSoft dialect ? - noooooo =


I like it, find it funny and serious at the same time.

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I like it, find it funny and serious at the same time.


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After to think a bit, about how to implement it in an easy and fast way (I don't want to spend much time on this), I think that it can be done pretty easily and in a powerful way using a revolution slider.


  • you receive the download LINK in your email (and there's a good point: only for those who used the delayed download, the ones that paid the fast download with a donation will have the direct download, it's assumed that they value / appreciate the work)
  • This link points to a page which has an animation (similar to the actual banner in the top of the homepage)
  • User needs to read the message (will have a pause of 10 seconds or something similar, will need to think on that, but there's different possibilities)
  • then the button "I accept" appears, which redirects to the page which contains the real download links



Yes, also the idea is to try to avoid (diminish) a bit these pretty bad comments that we can see on internet, but that's not really the fault of Elive, its just how the modern internet society works lol (we just need to read any comments in any video of youtube, 90% of them are pure negativeness and destructive criticisms)

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Note: this is somewhat a funny idea to implement, which won't hurt anyone (or at least this is the idea), but is needed to see first how it looks like

Referencing to another thread, it looks like it can hurt users, what you think?

To summarize, the idea is to:

  • being a short and clear message, not annoying
  • make them understand (conscious about) how much effort has been involved with a minor benefit
  • and they are getting it for free and because they wanted to
  • there's no reason to complain for anything, but of course they are welcome to improve (oh, its easier to say crap?)
  • reduce the feeling of "let's say crap on this (which i dont know anything about) because im bored"
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