External links and search engines


Btw i was thinking something that may not look important but i think it is.
When you look for elive on google you end up with this page:

if u look at the images shown, they are not really appealing. That’s because i think that all together they depict a pretty much grey portrait, which won’t engage the possible user that much. That’s mostly due to the grey background, and since the 3 pictures with that background are one in wikipedia and 2 in elivecd.org, i think it’d be a good idea changing them.
Maybe something like these would attract the attention way more?


@Thanatermesis sorry for the Google drive Link, but the screenshots were too heavy


All details matters ! Good catch

A lof works for weeks to come LOL
One day at a time :slight_smile:


@grottem can the screenshots of the wikipedia be changed? There has been a long time since the headers about your article, i think that we should be ok now to do modifications :slight_smile:


For me, the “elive” keyword search in google shows now updated screenshots, does looks better now @stoppy98 ?

Also, I have the option to edit all that text, suggestions welcome :slight_smile:


it’s kinda the same to, may it be because of the italian version? @Thanatermesis