Flowblade does not work in the default installation

Welcome friends
I am a new user of Elive
I have a problem
Flowblade does not work in the default installation
But it works great with Flathub
It would seem that the problem lies in the display (environment)
I am not a programmer
I am an ordinary user who fell in love with Elive;)
Any suggestions?
Elive 309 64bitbeta

I can second that.
Flowblade crashes easily and is rendered in an extremely poor way, be it with the light or dark theme.

As similar apps go, "obs" and "pitivi" work quite well. "Openshot" is a very reasonable stand in too from what I gather from others, I've had some misfortunes which others haven't apparently.
See the thread here:

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Elive (at this day) has flowblade 2.0 version and seems like the last one is 2.4, i tried to update the version but is not possible at the moment, fortunately you can install it using flatpack :slight_smile:

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Flowblade works great with Flathub !!
Elive works great!
Elive is light :slight_smile:
velvet system
in hard package :slight_smile:


Flowblade has been working very well for me - still version 2.0-dmo1. Hasn't crashed once.