Full Applications Listing?

Is there a web url location of the full 2500+ stated software packages/listings available somewhere?

I saw it was stated this distribution supports many software packages but I can’t find the list?

I’m wondering if this is a situation where less can be more? Maybe limiting the number of software packages supported may provide the opportunity to enable the highest quality surrounding the specific applications supported?

For instance, around the topic of VPN:
I prefer tinc for the daemon/server & shrewsoft for the client.
Those two applications have always just worked for me in random scenarios where I’ve needed them & so ensuring their support is more of a priority for me than offering 15 different vpn clients which could take away valuable time from more important features.

Those are the Debian repositories, they do have URLs but it's advisable to use "synaptics" for a graphical oversight of the available packages.

To each his own habits. I for myself found "NetworkManager" quite reliable and easy to manage (especially cisco based) VPNs. No need to download 3rd party programs or configurators.
FWIW: "Shrewsoft" does not offer binary packages for any distro (its more of a windows solution, actually) but "tinc" does for Jesse up to Buster repositiories.

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Ah, ok.
I misinterpreted it then. I had read the statement of offering 2500 packages as though there was some specific customization for each that had already been done outside of the normal Debian package, thinking that the elive maintainer(s) were having to manage all of them.

Thanks for clearing up my misunderstanding.

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The ones that are specifically Elive are in a separate repository maintained by Thanatermesis, for current stable 3.0.x that would be listed as "elive.elivecd.org" in "/etc/apt/sources.list"

@triantares and @cisc0ninja

I think @Thanatermesis did created 2500 little " gadgets/custom "things" along the years in Elive... I don't think he's talking about the Debian repo from what I remember


The simplest way to know which ones etc is to check the packages that comes from the elive repositories, but if you want the full lists (other elive versions, other architectures, etc), you should check the repository files online, like the Packages files where they are well listed

I assume you mean:

❯❯❯ apse a | wc -l 

This is a bad example but it shows that you can install up to 39 k packages, these are the available ones (at least with the repositories that I have enabled in one of my computers), which means maybe there's more or less (also it searches only packages which includes the "a" keyword, so most of them)

You can also add other extra repos (at your own risk, i dont recommend this) and have more software packages available, you need to make sure that they are for the same "debian branch" version in order to not break the entire system

Elive includes only a few of these packages by default, but you have all the others available to install :slight_smile:

Note: I should read the next posts before to answer, to not write the same answers :smile: