Gratitude is an Action

I want to offer a genuine 'thank you' for your work - all of 'you' collectively. I wish I had some of the skills members of this community have, and I am grateful those who do have the skills ... share them. I have different skills (not a coder) and will do my part.
In these days ... these times - it is essential good average people not only have viable alternatives to Windows, etc. - it's important to [both] get the word out and support those working to keep it all going.
These [windows, android] operating systems are data finding, and data sucking, monstrosities(!) and are not good for our society as a whole.
I kept muttering ... 'one day' ... . [I will install and learn linex or etc.] but I was just too lazy. I let Google, MS, etc. continue tracking me and taking my data exchange for their shiny, sweet, 'candy'.
Sheesh, consumers don't even 'own' Windows copies any more! NO rights ... no warranty (I mean really - our terms or the highway) ... . And, for most of the world ... there is no decent alternative.
Enter Elive!
I am old enough to remember 'big brother' and if we knew then what was coming ... we'd have pushed back much harder [generations of 60's].
I have not even used this OS yet - right now I need to see if I just move the image to the usb drive or if it has to be 'unpacked' (by some app) to the usb drive. I am confident though - in its application and usability. [Great site!] I will help when and where I can ... .
This is genuinely something of use to people; I wish more people understood its value. I invite you all to do what you can to share this alternative; and, explain its value. I will do the same.
I'm Just Sayin' ... .


@yeswedeliver You're more than welcome in the Elive familly...

On behalf of all those who are working " a lot more " than me in this project, tks

Me, I'm a simple user trying to report anomalies and enjoying Elive ( for 2 years already)..... (I'm 51 btw...)


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First all welcome to won't regret it once you are up and running.

Be aware that simply copying over will not suffice. You need to "write" the image to the flashdrive to have it bootable.
Three are GUI and commandline tools for that in Windows and Linux.

Don't hesitate to ask here, on the forum if you get stuck in any way


@yeswedeliver welcome to our community,

nice initiative that you're looking for, personally, myself I'm also trying to be as much anonymous as possible because my personal data are not for profit of big companies, so I use Elive and slowly I try to use as much services as possible that provides myself the highest degree of privacy that a newbie like me will be able to get. I have (and you too) the big help of all members of this forum which their knowledge are higher than mines.

Hi there , I also agree with you, I am grateful for the hard work put in by the developers and maintainers of Elive . I am not new to Elive I first used it in 2009 and honestly it was the most beautiful Desktop computor experience i ever had. So much so that I always kept a copy on my old laptop until the poor machine gave up the ghost.
I was pleasantly to surprised to find a new stable distro Elive 3 and thought i had to get back on the the most gorgeous Linux distro, and this time i am not leaving. The offering is so mature I even plan to write my Masters thesis entirely on Elive to show It can be done. You dont need to be imprisoned by big powerful co-operations , pay horrendous sums of money to get on with activities daily living but still not own what you paid for.
I hope to be an active contributing member and advocate for Elive. I am not a programer but i am willing to be part of this community and help where i can


Karibu Sana ;

Welcome !
We are happy that you arrived here and that you suppose to become an active member in our viral community.
We appreciate any kind of support, which can be
a bug report, joining a discussion, user experience report or advice, or just a donation.

Again a warm welcome and enjoy :omgomgomg:

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Thanks for the warm welcome esp the greeting in one of my local languages in East Africa. I already feel at home.


all we Elive users are at Nyumbani here
and much more than that is growing with the time.
We are kinda a friends herein, not all with everyone, but everyone finds a close buddy herein as a bonus, so to say....


Thank you, these are very beautiful words :smiley: :love:

This would be wonderful! :happy_dance:

thats a pretty good pat on the back for elive well done IamElive:wink::wink: