Grub on 64bit bata elive

For some reason, grub uses grub-i386 to install on MBR.

Makes it hard to boot 64bit elive. MBR thinks there is no operating system installed on notebook

The computer I'm using is Dell xps l502x with due video card (Intel,NVIDIA)

so the system will not boot at all.

grub uses always grub-i386

Well if you've used UEFI before, the installer will not necessarily use MBR but a small dedicated partition at the beginning of your disk. I.e if it's there it'll be used.
Pray tell what your disk setup looks like ....... use fdisk or gparted for that.

I'm not sure why the installer did not prepare for UEFI while setting install?

My Dell XPS L502X does not need that option. the stable elive 3.0 works well by default.

installation for grub needs to be pefected on 64bit elive BETA, I think :slight_smile:

The new beta release 3.8.2 64bit has this bug fixed.

Thank you


it does, in fact it does a different type of grub install depending on your machine, we will need this info to know which method exactly has been used:

  • do you have more than one hard disk?
  • do you have the UEFI boot enabled by default in your bios? (so, its booting in legacy mode or in uefi mode?)
  • other operating systems installed?
  • do you have an EFI partition in your hard disk?

UPDATE: ok, i just read that the issue is solved :slight_smile:

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