Hangs on wrong password


System hangs on Authenticating ....... when the password is entered incorrectly from the system lock screen.

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Hello @wanman, welcome to the forum.
Can you be more specific on which version of Elive you're using?

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Thanks for the welcome.
Elive stable 3.0.0 with Enlightenment


I am sorry but I cannot reproduce what you say there.:sniff:

I've tried multiple times through locking from the menu - "system" - "lock" -
or using CTRL, ALT & L or logging out to the greeter.

So it looks like the problem might be your specific hardware. Can you give the specifications of your box? Especially RAM size.


Asus P7P55D Pro Intel i5, 750 @ 2.67Ghz x4, 8GB memory, GeForce 9800 GTX. System runs beautifully, no other problems, even with all effects and desktops in use. What I would like to know, is a way to change from graphical mode and drop to shell to logon, then I could test further without having to kill power. I know this probably a rare hardware problem.


The simplest way would be to go into one of the TTY's (F1 to F6) with "ALT,CTRL and F2" , login there as yourself and start a new/other instance of X with " startx -- :1",
where the frozen screen would be " :0" (and on CTRL,ALT+F7) and all subsequent instances will be numbered upward. You can start certain GUI programs that way too. Like "startx /usr/bin/thunar -- :1" will just open an instance of thunar filemanager without the whole desktop surrounding it. :nod:

You can go back to CTRL,ALT+F2 to see the X.org messages and subsequently have " tail -f /var/log/syslog" running on say F1 to keep an eye on what the system is doing ....... yet another tty running " top" might be revealing to use the "tail -f" command as often as you like (oh well, upto F6) on the available .log files in /var/log/
including "Xorg.0.log". :ohmygod:
To end the running processes use "CTRL+c", except "top" which uses q (for quit)


Welcome @wanman I'm sorry I can't help you, but I suggested you to update your system to latest stable 3.0.6 release instead of your 3.0.0 release because there are a lot of improvements between those versions.