Happy Holidays to everyone!


I studied Buddhism 2 years par time and even if we enjoy what we do for
work, life is so much more than that…

Wish you a healthy 2019 for you and your loved ones and for the rest,
it’s up to us to prioritize what is the most important in our lives and
dedicate our “precious time” to what will matter the most at the end…

Butterfly Effect http://bit.ly/2jvsXCe
The Shift http://bit.ly/2ijLx2l
JOY ( book this one not free. Recommendation ) http://amzn.to/2jK5gtZ



Happy holidays too! :love:

Interesting first video, I was only able to see this one from all your post, the second video appears to be forbidden here in Colombia :rofl2:


Thank you, have nice holidays too!


Poem I always loved The Dash Poem


Same here in Boliva. Youtube: “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

Also: I thought you were in Mexico?

Happy New Year from Cochabamba


I have been for 2 years and deported to spain in a road control, later I stayed in spain for one year and traveled to venezuela, lasted 2 months and now im in colombia since 2 months ago

Happy new year too :slight_smile: