Hello from Spain -> France -> and Belgium soon (I hope)


Hello all Elive users,

I didn't found the correct place to present myself, so I'll do it there. It there are any other place, please be free to move there this thread.

My name is Luis, 46 years old and Spanish citizen who lives in France since 2012, and actually looking for a job in Belgium, because I'm unemployed actually (resignation from my last job). By the way, I'm civil engineer, so I haven't any skill programming nor IT except as user.

Anyway, I'm passionate of open source software (that is not equal at gratuity software, as you know) because I found it "noble" face a big data companies (GAFA) and their monopole.

So as I went finishing my studies of civil engineer I discovered Linux, and I'was fall in love with it. It was 1996... I'd tried some Red Hat, I bought a S.u.S.E. (almost 90 € a pack with CDs+paper manuals), and I tested a lot of Debian variants like Knoppix, Puppy, Antix, Bodhi, and a lot of other I doesn't remember.
They all lets me to resuscitate old computers that Windows saw that they were broken (HDD MBR failures). Anyway, I doesn't have a lot of skills in Linux, because as I had some need, I look for at internet (now I'm getting out Google of my life, replaced by Qwant and DuckDuckGo) and I make in practice the command that internet says to me.....
Working daily (in my job seek) with and old HP Mini (10" VGA, 320 Gb HDD, 1,6 Ghz Intel Atom without graphic acceleration, and 1 Gb RAM) with Antix I wasn't not happy of it's speed, so I looked for a lightest Linux distro 3 weeks ago. Hazard makes that I discovered Elive that I never readied anything.....
I go to Elive's web site and I clicked for an hour waiting download.... waiting for, I read about Elive, it's Genesis, and I realize that it's a one man alone work, and I saw WHOOOOOO!!!!!! so I immediately donated (unhappiest not so much due a my actual situation) and download the 3.0.3 version...
As much as I work with Elive I realize that is THE distribution I looked for along all those years, and I'm so happy that I donated 2 times more (unhappy again not so much money :frowning: )
I'm trying to make Elive more known (LinkedIn and Tweeter) because Elive merits be more known worlwide. I'm also very proud that is a Spanish guy who created it! :wink:
Actually I have 2 old laptops running Elive 3.0.6 (the HP and and Acer Aspire 5310 ones) and I'll try in some days (I must before buy some RW CDs and DVDs if they are still on sale :wink: ) Elive (maybe 3.0 and if it doesn't works a 2.0 release) in my first laptop, and IBM Thinkpad iSeries 1217, with a Celeron 500 Mhz processor and 160 (32+128) Mb of RAM, only for the fun.
Happy to join Elive community, and hoping help you all as much as I can.
Best regards to everybody.


Thanks for your comments :slight_smile: , yeah we should spread Elive all over internet, maybe in the future we can create a team of people who wants to make it happen (I will surely do it, it's just another planned task in my gigantic lists)

Something like strategical actions or steps to follow (like the page I wanted to create some time ago, but it requires more strategies to list: Make Elive more known to the world - Elive Linux )

mentions: @Rebel450

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Bonjour maxinou.....

and a warm welcome in the Elive community.
Thank you for your detailed self-presentation.

For Belgium, finding a job - all the best,
from own experience I know it can be hard and frustrating -
especially because living in Belgium is f...... expensive.
If you like you can try here, these guys has always been nice and warm:
ManPower_BE !
(they do have in nearly every place an office in Belgium)
Good luck!


me too, I got a HP Mini 2133 (VIA chipset) - it is a sweet piece
(are you sure that you do have Intel Atom inside? If so you can double yor RAM
and you got the 2140 variant, which is much better than mine :frowning: )
Also me , I was looking a looooong time for a reliable OS for it.
(Btw: Debian is not the best choice for this machine, but I did not say that, ok) :no_mouth:


Welcome maxinou.
I'll introduce myself too.
I'm a Dutch barge owner now (studied at art-academy in NL and worked as an artist/designer until our first was born), working in Belgium and live in a Dutch enclave on the Southern side of the Escaut estuary, so it's not far :blush:
My linux experience is very similar to yours starting around '95/'96 with Slackware, then buying the S.uS.e pack (I needed StarOffice) and after that tried as many as I could before settling down with Mandrake/Mandriva and distro hopping after it's demise.
I do some bash scripting and sometimes a bit of play with python but certainly NOT a programmer though most definitely a hacker in the original sense as I will dismember anything mechanical or electronic that doesn't do what I want it to do...with only one credo: Assemblage is fearless dismantling done in reverse!

I'm trying to finish a site that shows our biggest project (that eventually failed, alas). For now, it can be found here: http://triantares.ddns.net
It's still a work in progress but then I refuse to use wordpress templates, they drive me crazy. :face_vomiting:

And a FreeSoftwareFoundation member of course.


Salut Luis!

@Triantares: interesting project that remember me others (at sea): one for big ships and a little boat using partialy the wave energy to activate a system somewhat like yours... And I'm not so bad at sculling... :wink:
Why this one "eventualy failed"? Economics, technics..?



It broke last year and the startup the developers had created to monetize it,had gone bust due to no follow-up orders.

So I took everything into my own hands (after some serious -a year long- negotiating with the insurance) and replaced the Foil with a Schottel Rudder Propeller, reprogrammed the drive and added an electric steering facility for it. Still in the learning curve on how to program S7 PLCs ..... too much built in proprietary programs there but don't dare (yet) to fully replace the Siemens stuff (hello stuxnet :dizzy_face:) with free/libre alternatives. Working on it, though. :coding:
Now I have a diesel/electric ship that's hybrid ready: Alas buying battery packs is too expensive at the moment ( > € 100 000) to go for full electric. Simply too expensive (with an estimated 10-15 year lifespan) to be economically viable without subsidies.

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Hello everibody,

First of all, a big thank you for your welcome, it's magnificent, and I'm very happy to find this hospitality in a world where the most common policy rules seems that they has been despair :blush:

Yes, I agree, but you alone you have enough work to do developing Elive, it's us who correspond help you to be Elive more known, but we must to find the good way to make the message diffused as much people as possible... how? I doesn't know, but I'm thinking so...

Hello and thanks for you welcome and for these trick, I'm actually looking for only in Wallonie and Bruxelles because I doesn't (still) speak Dutch, but I'll study it soon, I doesn't speak French until I need to move in France, so I learned it in one years and a half. Anyway I'll contact this Mrs. and asked her for some colleagues in Wallonie or Bruxelles. I agree that life it's very expensive in Belgium, but in France isn't cheap not too...

Honestly, I have no idea which CPU it has, there is a sticker that says it's an Atom, but I'd never check for it. I bought it in 2012 when I arrives to France to learn to write with AZERTY keyboard. It was the cheapest laptop I'd found to buy, les than 300 €.Space bar works only half of times (since it was new :-1: ) BTW, It never hadn't Debian on it, Debian is installed at my wife's PC

Hello, and thanks to introduce yourself too! I forgot Mandriva, which was my OS a lot of years too! I'll take a look at your projet that seems a very big deal!!!! I like (and I know a lot) of car and bikes mechanical, but ships are too big for me :wink:

Hello Franc!

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My impression is that there's plenty of work in Flanders. The factory I transport for (Maselis) is always looking for technical craftsman as are many others in the food sector in Roeslare: Soubry, Poco Loco, Mulder, etc, etc.
While mainly Dutch spoken most are from all over the EU and further. There are Poles, Spanish, Portuguese, Czechs and even a Tadzhik. Their language levels differ greatly but most learn basic Dutch fairly quickly.
Might be worth trying as Roeselare is in fact less thanan hours drive from Lille (France)

Just a matter of scaling.:innocent: Actually my 150 Kw electro motor is only 33x33x52 cm. Small enough?


.... W H A T ? ? ? ?

seriously 204 PS ??


It's a Siemens ELFA permanent magnet motor. They also use those in electric buses, directly to wheel axles. They'e in a range from 80 to almost 300Kw


interesting stuff, btw ....

But: is the power not too weak for such a big and heavy ship ?



and making the website lol

check these ideas (work in progress): Make Elive more known to the world - Elive Linux

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Welcome/Bienvenue Maxinou,

JF( oops yoda...) from MTL Canada
I am 51 and yoda is hundreds of years... Sorry, I/We have a serious personality disorder!

I played with DOS, Window 3.11, Win 95, Commodore, Amiga, first Macintoshes, was an Apple IT guy for a while ( oui je parle français), then a Microsoft IT guy ( network, security, firewall) and felt in love with linux too several years ago

My laptop is linux, TV computer is linux, main desktop Linux, I am looking for the best way (best os and best phone that support it) to use linux on my mobile phone, if I have to leave Iphone i'll do it... I know I will have too LOL

My 3 sons and wife uses Window but i still talk to them... (joke)

Welcome on the elive community !

Note I tried so many linux distros from Ubuntu to Debian to arch based but I can't wait for ELive 64 bits !!! I also felt in love with Elive one year ago and with @Thanatermesis passion... Yes, a one man project !!! Amazing...


SailfishOs is the closest to linux at the moment IMO. The Ubuntu phone was pure Linux I believe but was a disaster in usability.
Former Mandrake founder and overall nice guy, Gael Duval is offering /e/ (that'sthe OS) and a phone too. Not sure if it's pure Linux but he guarantees absolutely free/libre and especially: no Google! :applause:
They're taking pre-orders now but you can download and test if you've got a compatible phone.

He's in the (good) company of Slackware's Patrick Volkerding there. Without Slack I never would've have gotten Linux on my first thinkpad..R30 using at first 2 diskettes but later a whole pile.
Even had MuLinux on it ..... remeber that? Ran in the itsybitsy ram it had. :excited:

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Yes, it's so I decide to start learning Dutch because construction management job offers asked for it in Flandre and that opens also a lot of job offers in Bruxelles and even in Wallonie.

With that size I even could put it in my old scooter Motovespa :wink:

I'll write later some idees I have there to discuss; BTW, in website is impossible to suscribe newsletter because it asked for to show I'm an human, but no captcha available to prove that.... BTW, why I can't write links here? Maybe I need a minimal number of messages?

Thank for your welcome Yoda, don't worry, you're not the only that have a serious personality disorder :crazy_face:

I think Spanish company BQ (or something like that) has made a Chinese phone with Debian phone installed by default on it (maybe Aquarius something?) some years ago, but never saw it. If not first thing you can do is to try an Android phone (I use cheap old models of Motorola because they haven't layers added to Android) with an annoter search engine on it, I use Qwant at my phone and I stopped as much as G services as possible...

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That was the cheap option Ubuntu used. The first phone I ever had to throw away after a month or two. Even my children wouldn't touch it after I removed Ubuntu and installed android on it. It was so flimsy I wouldn't have dared to call it hardware.
BQ does sell some nice tablets, tho.

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OK, so that was a big commercial failure, it's so I'd never seen it :-1:

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Thanks for the report, captcha disabled until the author of the newsletter plugin solves teh bug :slight_smile:

To avoid spam, you need a higher "user ranking" (automatically set based on your usage of the forum) or we need to whitelist specific domains, just a few of them are enable, like youtube, you can suggest to enable more if they are free of spam (in other words, spammers can use youtube too to promote some thing, but is not common)


It's not at all :blush:

I supposed that, no problem, because normally I have nothing to link (yes, I have 2 links to discuss about in another section), I had the forbid as I quoted one of your replies that had a link inside. I'll try to earn myself the ranking necessary with quality interventions in this community.

Nice WE to you!

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