Hibernate package not installed in 3.8.14

For some reason, the hibernate package is not installed on 3.8.14.

IIRC it is called hebernate not hibernate @linux23dragon. Try that :smiley14:

I tried hibernate with e16 and enlightenment after installing the hibernate package and all worked well. You need swap to do it. on boot it says its recovering from hibernate after the grub selection.

worked well for me

For me I just use the cairo dock applet for log out (far right) and choose Hibernate and i dont need hibernate package installed. :thinking: :thinking:

hebernate package seems to stall hibernation on boot while hibernate recovering. it boots up the desktop but no session recovery. All I get is a black screen. And I tested this with E24

Both hebernate and hibernate were installed.

After de-instlling hibernate, hibernation worked fine with E24.
I upgrade my system every day

So a good guess would be that "hebernate" and "hibernate" don't mix well.

Which by itself shouldn't be a problem as "hebernate" is installed by default w.o "hibernate" i.e the issue is self-inflicted.
It will create problems when users try solutions offered on other OSes which will not have "hebernate" available. So either:

  • We make it very clear that these should not be mixed (but nobody reads those warnings)
  • Block "hibernate" from the repositories (which I suspect, will get messy)
  • Create a clear and easy to find "HowTo" here on the forum that explains the encountered pitfalls.

IMHO the last is the best option and it would seem @linux23dragon is the ideal person to do so ----- Pretty Please? :smiley14:

"hebernate" is the package for hibernate/suspend in elive (including lock for e16 too), specifically for hibernation or suspend it uses an external tool, so its more like a wrapper which makes it work correctly :slight_smile:

this means, maybe the tool using is not working correctly, IIRC it uses pm-suspend or pm-hibernate, which means:

on this case, "sudo pm-hibernate " should fail too, because is the tool used for that

but for me, hibernation works without issues, can you confirm that if you hibernate in an actual beta version (which you can run directly from the E16 menu now) fails? and then the "hibernate" package does hibernation corrrectly for you ?

hum, I read fast this thread, but basically in elive people can use "hibernate" or "pm-hibernate" as their wish just like in other oses (and should work, like in the other oses), so hebernate is just a "hidden backend wrapper that makes things work better"

question is, by having "hibernate" package installed, hebernate (or more like "hibernating elive from the menus") doesn't works correctly ? we should check some boot logs to know if there's an issue