How to Autostart script after desktop starts in E23?

How do I autorun a script to start conky after desktop starts in E23?
I tried Main menu/ Settings/Settings Panel/apps/autostart applications. but it looks like there is no way to add an external file or script to autorun at startup.
I don't want to use @Thanatermesis method ( No offense) in this link How do I set startup applications in elive? as it feels dated and may excute too early in the boot up sequence, but i stand to be corrected

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There's always the option to have stuff autostart in a ~/.bashrc entry, by adding "conky" at the end. :smile_cat:
This is the script that gets read every time you login....which doesn't work. :shocked:

What does work:

Go to "settings", "settings panel" or "all", and choose "apps", "startup applications" sub menu "applications" and add "conky". :w00t:

I tried that method before , as soon as i had upgraded to 3.7.18 but that conky doesnot work. I noticed when i start conky using the menu a black screen ( maybe a terminal ) flickers on for a split second its so subtle you may miss it.
Conky starts well using terminal however. Maybe the version in the repos is corrupted.
I am going to uninstall it and restart it and see what happens

You are right.
I'm sorry ... I don't like "conky" so I personally don't have it running and didn't check whether it works. My bad. :eyepopping:

This definitely is an E23 bug that needs to be seen to. Can you add that to the wiki? That way we'll have a centralized place for found bugs/issues.

Not yet sure how to do that, thought wiki was for solved problems and i don't want to look like a "buffalo" in a china shop, but will try and understand and then post

You don't need to apologise for your tastes or choices , we are privileged to benefit from your all round wisdom, knowledge and benevolence! That's punishment enough for you :innocent:

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No worry. :smile_cat:
You just hit the "edit" icon underneath the post and directly add in the first post or .....

You simply reply to the first post, adding it to the thread so it can be incorperated into the first post on a later date.

Basically new E's features autostart appplications, but requires a .desktop file, Elive included since long time the ~/.elxstrt script which is configured by default (not in e23 since its not a default elive desktop, but you should be able to add it!)