Howto install firefox 66 in Elive 3.0

Anybody willing to contribute? I thought a drop-in untar would work, similar to the previous HOWTO, but I think I'm missing a step or two, that links the libraries, or whatever.

I could now start a VirtualBox, install an Elive, download FF 66 (with 1,6Mbit/s) and untar it, start the install script and look what will happen.
But this is on my system, with my environment … It would be helpful to see hat you’ve done and what is your output.

Actually that version of Firefox is completely 64 bit and will not run on 32 bit. If you get it to run at all [I did get 62 to run on elive but never managed to replicate it on other machines :face_with_raised_eyebrow:] it will want to upgrade itself all the time i.e on startup it looks for newer versions … thus slowing it down tremendously.
Alas this cannot be changed in “preferences” it can only be forced to “ask” every time…be aware that this is set to “download automatically and upgrade in the background” by default.

If you do accidentally upgrade your firefox, it wont work anymore [again] as it expects a 64bit environment.

Thanks for your input! And you answered my question about the ‘nagging to update’

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