Howto installing biometric software (Fingerprint Reader)

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The editing on the howto is going to make it almost unusable. Please read what you're editing out. The commands don't make sense without their options and arguments. They also won't work Also I have to update it. Will do so soon.

Maybe this should be a separate (issue) thread....or did you mean unlocking using the fingerprint?

If indeed the latter, that might require some deep diving, considering that the biometrics are on the (to be) decrypted disk ..... i.e inaccessible.

I think your first version was concise and clear.
The latest iteration where terminal prompts and actions are shown make it hard to read i.e the text gets unhinged.
Maybe remove a few of the all too obvious ones or ..... use a .gif or screencast so as not to distract too much. :thinking:

I did mean the latter, but I haven't run pam-auth-update yet...

I'm not sure but AFAIK unlocking the decrypted file system with fingerprint authentication would require access to that same filesystem. That's a classic catch22.

Those fingerprint scans are not secured or encrypted in any way, so having them freely accessible in GRUB isn't a good idea.
So you just have to decrypt before the fingerprint scanner is usable, sorry.

You saw that Linus released 6.6 today?

Well maybe in the future it'll be possible to unlock an encrypted system with fingerprint; it's not a deal breaker for me, although I think @Thanatermesis will be a little disappointed...

I very much doubt it ..... all in all, a fingerprint authentication is fairly dumb as a security measure, considering that the keyboard (actually the whole machine) will be covered with the owners fingerprints. :rofl2:

It's just a silly gadget.

Here's what the ecrypt dev has to say about it: