I like what I am using just fine thankyou

I like e16 just fine the way it is thank you,the sad part will be donations from me will stop if I dont like whats happening,call it blackmail if you like


That said
the more you like it - the more you will love to donate and can't even wait :madness:

So, what will we have to do now -
to become safe and sound -
ah -
satisfy you :eyepopping:

nothing nothing at all

(was just teasin' ya a bit {joking} ...)

= :nanana:

Yes we all want a new enlightenment desktop nice like in the stable version, and at the same time we all are enough satisfied with e16 too (very useful, extremely stable, light, fast, etc..) :slight_smile:

So let's just wait for the future development and see what happens :smiley:

well I am now trying e16 on xfs file system seems to be working pretty well on the nvme gigabyte so just might leave it this way and see how it goes