I'm back, with some comments


Bear with me, for some history:

I was a very early user of Elive. I loved it. The live CD was awesome, or better than awesome. I knew almost immediately that E was the desktop I wanted.

I was disappointed in Elive when v2 was a pay-to-play installation. I felt that Elive had abandoned what Linux was all about. I might have paid anyway, if there was a 64-bit ISO, but, alas, there was not. (water under the bridge, please don’t get distracted with my disapointment)

Going off-track just a little - years ago when WindowsXP 64-bit came out, I purchased a mainboard and an Opteron to install it on. WinXP balked at my hardware, and left me trying to make drivers work that wouldn’t work. I got frustrated, and looked around for alternate OS’s. Suse Linux 64-bit installed, flawlessly, so I’ve been on Linux ever since. I have no desire to go back to Windows, or to 32-bit.

Fortunately, other distros started offering Enlightenment ISO’s, so I went with them. (I’m a famous distro hopper, anyway.)

Alas, once more. None of them ever offered such a beautiful desktop as Elive offers. And, yet again, alas, most of those distros have dropped support for E.

You seem to be prioritizing (to some extent, anyway) a 64-bit release. Sweet. I love it. I am even willing to make donations toward that goal. I don’t even care it it’s an alpha release. I’m no coder, and I am of little value for producing a distro, but, I can troubleshoot!! Just let me in on the earliest release, please!!

BTW - I could have sworn that I had an acount at Elive, but the forum didn’t recognize me. All’s well though, I got your newsletter, which brought me back to look things over!!