Increase font sizes and type of fonts used

How to change the font sizes?

What is called What and how to play with fonts

  • When we Right Click the screen or ALT Escape ( is it called elementary ? I found that playing with the SIZING slide increase it’s)

  • When we click on the screen anywhere, the menu items appear, what is that component’'s name showing the applications menus and where can I increase it’s fonts ?

For people that didn’t follow the born of all those components and don’t know which applet/Component is called what, it would be cool to have a list of only the major ones, their names and where is the best place to customize them.

When Trying the increase the FONTS of some the main components, I didn’t know what to look fore other than the word fonts…. I happen to discover that Elementary and the sizing button was “somekind” of doing of what i wanted for one of the 2 main components

THe only one left for now for me, the Application Menu (the one we Left click on the desktop)

Right click in desktop is the module “everything”, it is a “launcher” feature for the enlightenment desktop

Elementary is a system of widgets by enlightenment, but not really part of the e17 desktop, changing it sizes -could- affect the sizes of the desktop too, but it is not recommended to change it’s defaults, you can play with it from the command elementary_config

The correct way to change the font sizes in Elive is in Settings -> Settings Panel -> Look -> Scaling, Elive_Screenshot_2018-08-02_14%3A53%3A51__262x239

And change the value of the Custom one, but I don’t suggest to change the default ones, and should be not increased more than 1.30x otherwise the fonts are taking too much size and making the widgets more unusable.

Instead, is better to change the fonts independently of the things that you want to change (if you want to do only that, scaling is for the general size of every thing and can affect badly to some elements, like to the web browser / viewing websites)

You can change the fonts (look / type of fonts, and sizes) of every different element from the Settings -> Settings Panel -> Fonts. Select the specific class like for example common applications uses Applications, enable the Enable Font Class button which enables / disables your customization, and assign a different one, it is suggested to keep in automatic size which is automatically set based in the Scale value, and the Dejavu Sans fonts in order to have them working with every language characters (which can show the characters of japanese fonts, hebrew, tibetan… anything)

See the screenshot as an example of how I changed the font for the window borders:


Final notes:

The reason I don’t suggest to change the defaults are because changing fonts can affect things and having unexpected behaviours, for example:

  • if you change the Scaling factor you can start seeing things like “this font is too big for this widget”, applications taking too much space in your screen, and basically a worse-looking desktop, and also websites looking ugly with not proportional sizes
  • Chaning the font type can affect to the characters encoding, most of the fonts doesn’t support special characters like ÇÑÁÉÍÓÚ and if you use a font that doesn’t has these (not talking about japanese / korean / hebrew / tibetan or any other different character encodings) you will start things elements without characters or empty boxes instead of characters, DejaVu Sans is the only one that is compatible with every language
  • So changing the font for elements independently is a much more reliable way, for example if you want to use a funny font for your menus or increase it a bit, or if you need to make bigger a website just ctrl + wheel on it
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Tks ! with my 1600 x 900 resolution some window were not easy to read

Tks for taking the time to describe well, with picutes ! Do appreciate and it will be helpfull to others

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