Install latest Palemoon on Elive 3.0.6 Stable

As the title says, it works with the latest Palemoon.
I'm writing this post on my old Thinkpad X61 from it! :w00t:
Here's a screenshot as proof:

All that has to be done is download the tar.gz file from their website, unpack it and then run from that directory.....It even upgrades itself from there.
Their earliest .deb version is for Debian 8.0 so will not install on Stable.

Methinks this should be added by default, thus bypassing the common "browser is out of date" complaint and making Stable 3.0.6 usable for a considerable longer time. :madness:

The file is downloadable here:

In short: Kick FF altogether and make Palemoon the standard browser in Stable.

Always cracks me up, this name :rofl2:; I would never be able to get passed installing it!

My point being you wouldn't have to, on Stable .... it'll be there by default replacing outdated FF.


@Thanatermesis yeah, you should update the iso with 3.0.7 methinks...look what kind of thing happens on IRC

no worries then ill just try an other distro as i have a old work hourse dell d430 with a ssd

:frowning: :disbelief:

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