Introducing Elive-assistant, non-tracked & on-demand AI features in Elive

No, they only use OpenAI's 'natural language tech to format the answers, they don't query ChatGPT.

It think that is a fair description of "sharing" :madness:

What you describe is mainly down to 'natural language tech' and indeed useful ..... as to the doctor: No way I'm going to trust ChatGPT with my health and secondly I'm not going to tell it what ails me, I don't even do that with google. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I think that calling it "assist" is clever ...... the Intelligence of AI is a total misnomer IMHO.
It's not intelligence, it's algorithms that look through existing data cleverly.

So maybe we should call it "elive-assistant" or "elive-enhanced-kira", that way we aren't bound to the current AI pop-stars and make clear that it's just a little helpful tool. :smiley14:

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what? is not the same thing? :thinking: how they can do it without using the service itself? for sure openai will not share their tech

  1. that's why "elive-ai doctor" already includes a funny sentence saying that you should not trust it :wink:
  2. believe me its really surprising the health answers, I already did some tests of health (which i know the answer, to verify with) and it really surprises me, it even me told me how to solve (the correct way) the "yellow nails" problem that no doctor nor drugstore will tell you an effective way :exploding_head:

renamed "artificial intelligence" to "assitant"
include a user-agreement about the privacy topic

OpenAI runs ChatGPT but it's not the only thing they do ........ Mark my words: They are going to be next tech biggie, if they aren't already.

Funny anecdote: I'm in house with Bobby, a coliving friend which uses Elive since 1 year ago, and showing him the new features of the last version, showing about the AI features and he told me "that's dangerous, have you seen Terminator?" :rofl:


This is quite interesting too (and not as M$ tainted):


I think Cory Doctorow penned down what's happening in a single sentence:

Google and Bing are locked in an arms-race to see whose search engine can attain the speediest, most profound enshittification via chatbot, replacing links to web-pages with florid paragraphs composed by fully automated, supremely confident liars.

Here's the whole article, it really is worth a read: